A Set of Night’s Black Agents Pre-Gens

Matthew Breen has created some beautiful Agent Dossier character sheets for Night’s Black Agents and six well fleshed-out pre-gens to go with it by Kevin Kulp. The blank dossier is available to download here and the pre-gens here as PDFs.

NBA Pregens CC (Revised)


17 Responses to “A Set of Night’s Black Agents Pre-Gens”

  1. Niclas says:

    Best! Gumshoe! Charachter Sheet! Ever!

  2. Neil Ford says:

    These are ever so slightly “Freaking Awesome”!

    Thanks to both Matthew and Kevin for producing these.

    – Neil.

  3. Matthew Breen says:

    Thanks, guys – I’m glad you like them, and hope they come in handy!

  4. WiseWolf says:

    I will certainly use them when I get to run my first game.

    Thanks for this!

  5. Chris Harvey says:

    Israeli isn’t a language – it’s Hebrew :) Otherwise, these look very useful.

  6. JD man says:

    awesome work my man. Bourne would be proud!

  7. Kevin Kulp says:

    These pre-gens I made hold up really well; I’ve used them now in over 20 games. I’ve found a few things I’d tweak, however. If you use them, consider the following changes to the General Ability distribution:

    Gabriella (thief): Remove 1 point from driving and explosive devices. Add 1 point to Preparedness and Weapons.

    Dr. DuBois (assassin): Remove 1 point from Hand to Hand and 2 points from weapons. Add 1 point to Preparedness and 2 points to Sense Trouble.

    Hung-Ke (hacker): Remove 1 point from Weapons, add 1 point to Preparedness.

    Mace Hunter (con man): Remove 2 points from Disguise, 1 point from Filch and 1 point from Sense Trouble. Add 2 points to Hand-to-Hand and 2 points to Preparedness.

    “Ashcan” (wheelman/explosives guy): Remove 2 points from Network. Add 2 points to Weapons.

    Persephone (analyst/mastermind): good as is.

    I originally made more niche protection than I needed to, limiting the PCs a bit. The above changes make them a little more flexible and balanced (particularly in combat) without limiting any of their cool stuff or removing any of their cherries.

    I’ll also note that while it’s hinted at instead of being made explicit, Mace Hunter is responsible for the death of Ashcan’s family. Ashcan suspects it but doesn’t know it. Good luck if he finds out…

  8. Neil Ford says:

    Now all we need is Matthew to produce new versions of the sheets…

    – Neil.

  9. Kevin Kulp says:

    Neil, your wish is our command. Courtesy of Cat at Pelgrane, Matt’s revised sheets are now in place above. Enjoy!

  10. Neil Ford says:


    If you’ll excuse me, I’ll be in the corner being inappropriate…

    – Neil.

  11. Neil Ford says:

    Okay, Is there anyway to get these without logging in to Scribd?

    – Neil.

    • Neil Ford says:

      Scratch my last request, I didn’t realise the two links above were different. Now have the pdf no problems.

      Nothing to see here!

      – Neil.

  12. Sami says:

    Planning to use these with Dubai Reckoning!

  13. Doug says:

    Thanks so much for making these available!

  14. Gregory M Pelloski says:

    Hello ladies and gentlemen. I just wanted to let you know the link above on this page titled “pre-gens here” link is not working. As I do not want to visit the scribd website as they require credit card information (even for a free subscription). If you could correct this link amd populate it with the NBA downloadable .pdf character sheets for example characters/NPC’s it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! You guys are the best! I just pre-ordered the NBA Directors screen and supplement book and it is excellent! Can’t wait for it’s release! Pelgrane Press has AMAZING products!!!

  15. Gregory Pelloski says:

    You guy’s really are on top of your web support! That’s the second issue I’ve managed to find and that you have in turn corrected within 24 hours! Super impressive! Again, thanks for the wonderful game content! I’ll be enjoying NBA and countless other GUMSHOE and Pelgrane Press products for years to come!

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