A cover for Cthulhu Apocalypse

Here is a proposal for the cover of Cthulhu Apocalypse. Please do let us know what you think.

(Edited to add: Thank you for all your feedback on this. We aimed for a cosy British apocalypse with this picture, which we got, but it’s clear we need to have a rethink. Your comments have been very useful.)


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  2. bg josh says:

    What is the cover supposed to promise? In other words what’s in the book?

    This cover shows a dead London with growing plants of some sort and the sun shining down on everything. So two observations 1) normally the sun means hope or at least good stuff. 2) there is no drama in this picture.

  3. Gareth says:

    It needs something more. Cliche as they are, maybe mysterious flapping things in the sky or tentacles on the horizon? Or replace the patch of fungi in the middle of the foreground with a corpse or something?

    The vehicles look a bit too shiny. Maybe topple one of them?

  4. Elizabeth says:

    It looks exceedingly serene and peaceful. My first thought was literally “Oh, how nice.”

  5. Jason Durall says:

    It would be a nice color plate in the game, or a frontispiece, but it really doesn’t sell the concept to me at all.

    – The roseate color scheme doesn’t indicate despair, horror, ruin, or decrepitude.
    – The bright light shining from the clouds looks more hopeful and angelic than dismal.
    – The vehicles are surprisingly pristine… no cracked windows, broken tires, rust, etc.
    – The bulbous plants just look like little white flowers, and the grouping in front looks like an alligator made out of white flowers.
    – The pavement seems remarkably uncracked.
    – The bridge is in excellent shape as well. Perhaps breaking one of the bridgeways or suspension lines?
    – The little house looks occupied, with lights in the windows. is that intentional? I thought “Oh, what a nice place for to live, if one had to suffer through an apocalypse.”
    – The skies are relatively calm and empty, aside from the rosy cloud banks.

    I wonder if even shifting the color values on the whole picture to the greenish/yellow spectrum (or even blueish) might make a ton of difference.

  6. Jason Durall says:

    (My apologies for the mangled grammar. I was interrupted several times during my post.)

  7. Tim Gray says:

    It’s a nice picture. It sells being set in the past and people being gone. Not so much apocalypse cos nothing is broken. Not Cthulhu; the only hint is the odd growths.

    What sort of mode of action will characters have? How will they interact with the setting and mythos? Hint at that.

  8. Alf Joakim Persson says:

    Did Jérôme make this?!.. No way!

    I´m sorry but I have to put it blunt; It sucks.
    And I truly hope Jérôme did not creat this picture, find it hard to belive. Soo what happend, Jérôme quit?

    Don´t want be mean but I can give you an image of better feel than that. Just send me the info and a week or two and you got it.

  9. I do not like this cover.

    Apocalypse is a word that evokes images of destruction and fire. Everything is so undamaged in the picture.

    Maybe if the landscape show more buildings with the yellow eggs on them, giving an idea of the real dimension of the devastation.

  10. Steve Moss says:

    It looks like the apocalypse is caused by pretty frog-spawn. not very scary at all. I expected so much more. This is too placid & serene.

  11. GB Steve says:

    It’s a bit strange having a bus and car parked where the Tower of London stands also the driving wheels seem to be on the wrong side of the vehicles.

  12. southheaven says:

    My first thought was ‘War of the Worlds’

  13. Myles says:

    Too static; no drama or excitement in the picture. Also nothing Cthulhu relevant. It’s the tower of London with vines.

    Rough Magicks has a great (and cthulhu relevant) cover.

  14. Insect King says:

    Actually, I like this cover. I like the mood it creates with the stillness like the apocalypse happened too quickly (and a short time ago) before people realised what was going on.

    It’s spooky and quiet which means no one is out where they could be seen which leads me to ask: What laid those eggs?

    Well done.



  15. WiseWolf says:

    I agree with the other posters. And don’t get me wrong, the picture is cool and contains a hight artistic value,just not evocative for a Cthulhu apocalypse. Where is the madness and the destruction that follows the coming of the old ones?

  16. Mario says:

    I like this image. I participated in playtesting and I think this cover is like the begining of the adventure: is all so quiet and calm … it is so frightening!

  17. Daedalum says:

    I like this image. Sense of intimacy and quiet. For the cover I would respond more to a broader vista, to really give a sense of destruction or desertion. Smoke and fires on a horizon line, P. O. V. From a higher elevation. It’s a hard one given how used to holiwood images of apocalyps we have seen lately.

  18. Krill says:

    Make the fungus/flowers much more prominent, maybe?

    The sense of stillness is good, potentially, but it’s ruined by the intact building. There needs to be a sense of flatness or desolation somehow. Having the scene much more overrun with fungus/flowers I think could help convey that.

  19. Ricardo says:

    Why not have the Tower destroyed under a gray/green sky?
    Although… I would rather see the Big Ben being destroyed, instead of the Tower of London. Just because it’s more iconic.
    If it’s broken just under the clock, and it’s falling down like if 9/11 had happened there… then it would mean something to me.

  20. David Wickess says:

    Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner, but I feel obliged to correct some of the previous posters. That’s not the Tower of London; it’s Tower Bridge.

    I quite like the picture. Needs tweaking. I don’t necessarily want Yog Sothoth appearing in the sky or tentacled horrors, just somethng to let me know that it’s all gone horribly wrong and that we’re eating our babies now or some similar nightmare.

  21. greg says:

    I like it as well – though I agree that the palette should be a bit more … bleak. I would also prefer a site that might normally be more crowded, so the lack of people would be more ominous – I mentioned Picadilly in a previous post – but Tower Bridge is cool. If you decide you do need to show some overt horror, perhaps it could be largely obscured by the bridge (I like the way in Cloverfield, you never actually get to see the monster).

    I also do like the way this portrays a very Purist (and very English in John Wyndham sort of way) “apocalypse”. This isn’t necessarily a story about wholesale devastation and destruction. This could well be a more subtle “apocalypse”. Imagine if everyone in the world simultaneously came to the realisation that all of human history, all human endeavor was meaningless and irrelevant….

    Perhaps “Apocalypse” is not the right title, being loaded as it is with the baggage of Judeo-Christian imagery.

  22. Sune Nødskou says:

    Very nice. Almost too nice. The bright red sky and the light from the sun gives me a sense of hope.

    It must be much darker. And all the niceness must go. No hope. Only sorrow, dispair and insanity.

  23. Juan M. Escribano says:

    A ToC product without Jérôme? No way! I agree “Apocalypse” is not the right title; too simple.

  24. JoeViturbo says:

    I see what you were going for. It’s like those pictures of what would happen in x number of years if there were no humans. There’s not a lot that I can say that hasn’t already been said. It’s a beautiful picture but it makes me think of a Thomas Kinkade painting. It’s not really dynamic enough. The buildings need to be closer, looming, more ominous. You should get the impression that they’re dark inside and full of mystery and the unknown, and that they could topple over from disrepair and lack of upkeep. The foreground needs to have more in it. You need to believe that something bad happened and it’s just out of frame.
    take a cue from:


    oh, and it needs way more Triffids.

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