8 New Desktop Wallpapers

Pelgrane Press is pleased to announce the release of 8 brand new wallpapers. Following on from the success of Ashen Stars, we have 5 images for you to download, some from the Ashen Stars core book (Jerome Huguenin & Chris Huth), one from Dead Rock Seven (Pascal Quidault) and one from “Terra Nova” (Pascal Quidault) in The Justice Trade.

Also we have 3 new wallpapers by Alessandro Alaia from Cthulhu Apocalypse.

All wallpapers are 1920x1200px JPGs.

3 Responses to “8 New Desktop Wallpapers”

  1. These are spectacular! Is there any chance we could get them without logos and text for use in games, or should I just screen-cap them from my PDFs?

    Actually, a “fan site” package/collection of images: borders, headers, logos, artwork, fonts, et cetera for any of Pelgrane’s games would be really great for use on sites like Obsidian Portal.

  2. John Gabriel says:

    wallpapery goodness. Only thing better would be to have Quade Diagrams for investigating the different species in Ashen Stars.

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