13th Age SRD Update, and Some Guidance on Game Aids

archmageThe 13th Age SRD is out and available here.

A lot of fans are taking advantage of the Open Gaming License (OGL) to create and share 13th Age game aids to help players and GMs at the table. Which is great! However, a few of them copy and paste significant portions of text from the book, which isn’t an option under fair use, the OGL or the Community Use Policy.

So how can we help you make cool and useful things that comply with the OGL? Ultimately the solution will be the game’s System Resource Document (SRD) which Fire Opal Media is working on now.

We have some decisions to make about what we’ll include in the SRD and what we won’t. Our goal is a document which will be much leaner and streamlined, focused on the mechanics from the 13th Age core book. More than anything it must be useful for designers and people creating reference documents.

Between now and when the SRD is released we ask that you put any projects on hold (such as power decks) which use too much text from the book. How much is “too much”? Our rule of thumb is that the amount would be more than is permitted under fair use as described on the linked page.

Once the SRD is available — and we don’t have a set date yet — you’re free to use the text from that document to create your cool and useful thing. If you can’t wait that long, you have three options:

  1. Make it using minimal, fair use-sized excerpts from the book.
  2. Make it however you want, but only use it privately for your own home campaign – don’t share it online.
  3. Make it, rewrite the text completely to create an original OGL work that uses the ARCHMAGE Engine mechanics, and do whatever you like with it. If you want to advertise its connection to 13th Age you can use the ARCHMAGE Engine logo on the cover and say that it’s “13th Age compatible.” You don’t have to get our permission at any stage of the process – just do it.

Until the SRD comes out there’s going to be a lot of gray areas, but we’re happy to work with you to resolve them. We’re supremely grateful for your enthusiasm for our game.

5 Responses to “13th Age SRD Update, and Some Guidance on Game Aids”

  1. Adam Dray says:

    I assume that none of this overrides the Product Identity exclusions (i.e., we still can’t use names of Icons in OGL works). Right?

  2. Douglas Murray says:

    Aaah. Well I made an icons reference sheet to assist in getting players quick started at a convention. I think I managed to secure some sales BTW, so by all means ask me to take it down but I honestly think it secured some sales for you.
    It enabled me to get new players to select character icons and backgrounds for part-built characters, explain game concepts to the non-d20 players and run an adventure and combat in a 2 hour slot.
    I’ve seen it said elsewhere that people running convention games have been slowed down when needing to explain the concept and details of icon selection and point distribution. So if you don’t like mine I suggest doing your own official one.
    And thank you for a truly wonderful game.

  3. Matt Smith says:

    Good to hear that the SRD is coming along. I’ll put my power cards website/web app on hold until that’s out. I’ll go with option two for now and password protect it, until the SRD versions of the text are available.

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