13th Age Playtest: Round 2 Now Closed

Playtesting application is now closed.

We’ve had over 200 playtest requests, and we are processing them. If you sent us an email while this page was live, you should receive a response by 16th May. Pleas do not contact us until then.

If you don’t receive a response, please check your spam for an email from pelgranepress.com. If there is nothing there, then your email to us probably got filtered, you are attempting to join the second round when you failed to deliver a playtest report in the first, or we missed you out.

If you think you have been missed out wrongly, and it’s 16th May or later then email simon@dyingarth.com.

9 Responses to “13th Age Playtest: Round 2 Now Closed”

  1. Eric Campbell says:

    I’m fairly passionate about RPGs and am always eager to experience a new one. My group of guys love to try new games, always ready for a new experience. We’ve never playtested a tabletop RPG. But I feel this shouldn’t hinder us in any fashion. The guys are brutally honest and are quick to mention what they like and don’t like. I’d love to give this a go. Thanks.

  2. […] Pelgrane Press ogłosiło natomiast rozpoczęcie drugiej tury otwartych playtestów 13th Age. Jeżeli chęć przywołania klimatu poprzednich edycji oraz lekki skręt mechaniki d20 w stronę […]

  3. Drabix says:

    When will the playtest packets for the 2nd round be sent out?

  4. Robert Oswald says:

    Just read the letter from Rob Heinsoo about the 2nd Playtest. Quite intriguing and makes me really hope I get in this round. (Since I missed the first round entirely)

  5. RSIxidor says:

    I tried e-mailing that address up there and got a DNS error from my gmail account. I know I’m past the deadline, but I am interested in the game. Even if I can’t get into the playtest, just want you to know that I’m excited to see more publicly available knowledge of the game, the fluff has me salivating. I’d really like to see some base mechanics, but I understand if those are still a ways off.

    • John says:

      I tried to email as well and got the same error. What can I do to get in on the playtest? I live here in Ireland and I would love to share it with the guys here.

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