13th Age Photos and One Unique Things from Emerald City ComicCon 2013

We ran 13th Age at Emerald City ComicCon last weekend. As with all our demos, players had the opportunity to choose their character’s One Unique Thing — the characteristic in 13th Age that doesn’t provide a mechanical benefit, but which sets that individual apart from everyone else in the adventure (or even the entire world.)

Here are just some of the uniques created for the adventurers who sought fortune and glory in the Dragon Empire this weekend:

  • The only housebroken dwarf
  • The only dwarf with a crippling fear of mice
  • “Drrrrrrrr” the dark elf sorcerer adopted by a family of zombies
  • The tallest halfling ever known, due to being stretched on the rack by the Crusader
  • The only dwarf made of pure iron
  • The only paladin in service to the Prince of Shadows (“I’m more a mob enforcer than a holy man.”)
  • “Frostbitten”, a wizard covered in a thin layer of ice due to an accident during wizarding school
  • The only elf to be alive when the Wizard King fell…and also happened to have fought on his side.
  • A rogue absolved of all sins past and future by the Priestess
  • A half-orc barbarian with two heads, and one of them is the evil twin
  • The only half-elf to be raised by dwarven nobles
  • A paladin who had his tongue cut out for his crimes before being redeemed by the Priestess
  • A cleric who healed the Crusader’s mortal wound while in captivity
  • A half-elf ranger cursed to slowly turn into a tree
  • A half-elf ranger cursed to kill all plants near her
  • A halfling with a wooden leg that he had carved into a flute
  • A gnome bard who can’t tell dragons apart (has conflicted relationships with the Great Gold Wyrm and the Three)

Many thanks to my fellow GMs Ash Law, Daniel Splitter, Cail Musick-Slater and Eric Franklin for running such stellar demos. We had a great time at the con, and turned a lot of people on to 13th Age. In fact, some of our players had never played an RPG before! Here are some photos via Eric Franklin (the hi-res ones) and me (the non-hi-res ones):

5 Responses to “13th Age Photos and One Unique Things from Emerald City ComicCon 2013”

  1. Marcelino says:

    Not to be a butt I’m very excited about all this but any word on the final layout PDF I’ve been waiting nice and quietly and I’m so excited to see it so when ever you get a chance I would love to look at it

    thank you

  2. Kyle Anderson says:

    Looks like a great time!

    “That’s not an escalation die. THIS is an escalation die.”

    Heheh. I need one of those. And a Dragon Empire map.

    Where can one get a Dragon Empire map? If it’s not (yet) an official product, is it kosher to bring the PDF copy to a print shop to make one for personal use? What dimensions would you recommend for decent resolution.

  3. Sarah Miller says:

    Love love love that Dragon Empire map! Are there any plans of making the map an official product? Being able to purchase one of those to have for games run at Fair Game store would be fantastic.

  4. Hollis says:

    We need shirts that say “I declare for the Liche King!”

  5. Bob says:

    The only Dwarf in Middle Earth to be named Bob.

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