13th Age News: Through the Scyring Glass

There is so much going on with 13th Age that I thought it best to spin off 13th Age news into this new Page XX section. Beware though, the Archmage’s scrying glass is misty, and while he speaks with certitude, the future is not always as clear as he pretends.

The Past

The 13 True Ways Kickstarter is now fully funded with a lot of extra content, including new classes, monster art, cities and diabolism. It’s in the top ten of most highly funded game Kickstarters ever, even though the True Ways is a supplement. Full details of what to expect when can be found here.

The Now

This issue of Page XX sees the release of version 5 of the 13th Age RPG – Escalation Edition customers, you can get your copies from your order page; Kickstarter supporters who have a 13th Age in your reward should expect to receive an email with a link within 24 hours.If you’ve lost your order link, you can get it emailed here.

What’s in v 5

Rob’s summary of what’s new in this, the penultimate release:

  • Chapter 2: One Unique Thing and backgrounds sections fleshed out with advice and examples.
  • Chapter 6: New rules for using icon relationships; revised loot and rewards. Both these sections may change a bit as Jonathan goes over things I wrote.
  • Chapter 7: Monster chapter complete with 50+ new monsters across all levels. There should be a touch of development, otherwise good to go.
  • Also finished: one-page character sheet.
  • Still in-progress: more revisions throughout Chapter 4: Classes, a full revision of wizard spells and a couple of its talents, and full revision of Chapter 10 adventures and examples.

Escalation Edition

We have just 130 Escalation Edition pre-orders available before we switch to a standard pre-order. You can see the perks here. As a bonus to all Escalation Edition customers, we will send you a free custom Escalation Die.

The Future

It’s looking like a January 2013 release date for 13th Age. The art is done, and the layout underway for completed chapters, but a full colour offset print run takes eight weeks, and with the holiday season smack in the middle, I think this is realistic. You’ll have the fully laid out version before the end of the year to download, and we’ll include various ebook versions in the release.

Forthcoming Products

We are lining up some excellent freelancers to write for us including Kevin Kulp,  Robin D Laws,  Ash Law and Steve Townsend.

  • Rob will be working on Shards of the Broken Sky, the first 13th Age adventure in November – and Pascal Quidault is working on the cover.
  • We are planning a GM’s Screen, the details of which will be finalised in December, but we’d love to have your feedback on what you’d like such a screen to look like.
  • The bestiary is in the planning stage.

We are reading all your suggestions on the forum thread over here.

Independent Releases

There are two kickstarters which will produce 13th Age-compatible supplements power by the ARCHMAGE Engine:

  • The Reliquary – sixty magic items produced by Page XX contributor Ash Law.
  • Nightfall – adds a twist of 13th-Age compatible old school fantasy horror to your roleplaying


8 Responses to “13th Age News: Through the Scyring Glass”

  1. Baz King Stevens says:

    Wrong! My adventure will be the first for 13th Age. Robins will
    merely be the best one.

  2. Alphastream says:

    We’ve had adventures for 13th Age since the 1979 and 1985… the names were Village of Hommlet and Temple of Elemental Evil… some Gygax dude wrote the first versions and we updated them. Ahem.

  3. Ben says:

    Hoping the Kickstarter backers receive the new version sooner rather than later within that 24 hours!

    I’m creating basic characters tomorrow before I leave on a trip where I’ll be trying to convince my old gaming group to take 13th Age for a spin. I’d love to be able to do that with one-page character sheets!

  4. Kyle says:

    I’d like to see more talents and options for the existing classes. I easily want double or triple the existing options. And talents that facilitate alternate builds, like paladins that are more striker and less tank. Or archer fighters that aren’t rangers and so on. I’d also like to see more spells for casters, and lots of rituals. Looking forward to the bestiary! I need MORE 13th Age! :)

  5. Evenglare says:

    I don’t think I understand . So everything is done except the layout. Then why are the escalation edition pdfs incomplete? Things such as the wizard talents says it still needs to be revised and many many more places where they still have the @@ symbols indicating revision. Is there something I am missing?

  6. hi there, from time to time when I first visit this web site I get immediately redirected to another page which feels very weird. You may well want to examine at why this is going on! Regards

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