13th Age Hot Off The Press

This just in from the printers. The book blocks are printing now, but they are going on a three-week break, and the books will be bound in early July to hit our delivery times.

Craig Landers, who has taken this product under his Texan wing, tells us that their presses run at 12,000 sheets per hour when going full blast, and the folder runs at about 4-5 thousand sheets per hour. The colour looks excellent.


Pelgrane Press and Bindery 007

Pelgrane Press and Bindery 006

Pelgrane Press and Bindery 005
Reserve your copy of 13th Age today at the Pelgrane Shop or your local game store and download the finished PDF!

7 Responses to “13th Age Hot Off The Press”

  1. This black on black is hard to navigate, but anyway…

    Does this mean we should have the books by mid to late July? I don’t think I can take the anticipation of having the physical book in my hands much longer! It’s just too exciting!

  2. Tim B. says:

    I’m using the latest version of Firefox, and the comment section is appearing with black text on a black background as well. So it’s not just a Chrome issue.

    • Black labels on black background, fixed. The comment box itself (Chrome 27, Firefox 21, latest Chrome, Dolphin and Firefox on Android 4.2.x) has a white background. Or white-ish. No, colorpicker says it’s white. I’d swear it’s more whitesmoke or something just a little off-white. Wonder if the colour needs calibrating on this LCD.

      I’d be grateful if someone could test it on a Mac – never felt the need to get one and haven’t got round to setting up a Mac VM yet.

      Works perfectly in Chromium and Iceweasel on the latest Debian.

      Haven’t tested in IE because, well, it’s IE.

      • Tim B. says:

        Hi Clayton,

        It’s looking good on Firefox (I had to shift+Reload, so maybe the old CSS was cached?), Chrome, IE, and Safari on Windows. I checked it out on Safari for iOS, and it looked good there, too.


  3. David says:

    Any news of a release date for Esoterror 2.0?

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