13th Age First Chapter

Here is the full colour, fully laid out version of the first chapter of 13th Age. Icons does what it says on the tin and details all 13 Icons, with their symbols, full images and where they fit on the classic alignment table.

Click to download the PDF.

3 Responses to “13th Age First Chapter”

  1. Looks awesome.

    After the icon art previews I was a little surprised to see the art for the icons sans color. They still look great but I am curious about the decision process to go with that particular approach.

    I like the alignment graphic at the end of the chapter although the fading effect (for icons which cross over multiple alignments) was too faint. I didn’t see it at first and I would have missed it completely if I wasn’t focusing on all the little details.

    Overall, very nice work. I can’t wait to get my hands on the real thing.

  2. Marcelino says:

    I’m so excited everything looks so amazing. I can’t wait to see this. I too was shocked to see the Icons without all the color and detail is this going to stay this way and we’ll see the full prints in other places.
    Thank you for this book. I came to the 13th age by accident. I was trying to find a game to take away the pain of losing 4th edition. When I found this and the love you guys have for the original game and wanting to bring these exciting new ways of playing to the OGL, well it just changed everything for me. Can’t wait.

  3. Kazekami says:

    I really hope this is only a first draft and not the final fine-tuned layout. The design and typography definitely need some tweaking.

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