13% Off the 13th Age On #FridayThe13thAge

Friday the 13th Age is upon us once again! From Friday the 13th September through Sunday the 15th September, 13th Age Roleplaying Game products are on sale for 13% off at the Pelgrane store store, through this special link or using voucher code FRI@13THAGE in the store.

The discount applies to our full range of 13th Age products, including the Battle Scenes bundles, but excluding other bundles, 13th Age Glorantha and Campaign Coins (which aren’t Pelgrane products).

If you’re looking to fill the missing gaps in your own 13th Age collection, this is a great opportunity. And feel free to forward this email to anyone you know who might enjoy 13th Age—now’s a good time for them to buy the essentials.

Want to participate in the event on Twitter? Use and follow the hashtag #FridayThe13thAge

Useful 13th Age links:

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