A review by kafka over on rpg. net of  The Rending Box gives it the full 10 points.

If you are new Trail of Cthulhu or just want to have a series of Purist adventures – start with this one. The Rending Box provides a wonderfully evocative adventure that sets the tone for Trail or Call of Cthulhu. Pelgrane Press has another winner for both seasoned veterans of Cthulhu and newbies alike. It sates the appetite for one solid night of fun gaming.

Dan Harms reviews Graham Walmsley’s Trail of Cthulhu adventure The Rending Box.

…another excellent contribution to the Trail of Cthulhu line.

Pookie has posted a review of Graham Walmsley’s, The Rending Box, on Reviews from R’lyeh.

What The Rending Box does is provide an explanation that caps the series while still providing another bleak story. What sets it apart from the previous three though is that it actually comes with a climatic ending. Well, a potential climatic ending right before the Mythos delivers its quietly uncaring riposte…

You can read the full review here.