Matthew Pook provides a detailed review of Out of Time on Reviews from R’yleh.

The very title of Out of Time hints at the desperate nature of the four scenarios in the anthology. Three of the four also take Trail of Cthulhu out of its traditional period of the 1930s, while the fourth, “The Black Drop,” certainly takes Trail of Cthulhu far from civilisation. All four though continue Trail of Cthulhu’s tradition of strong strong with well written and well realised scenarios

There is a review of Out of Time on, awarding top marks (10/10). I highlight this quote because Jerome is worthy of praise:

LJerome really and truly captures the mood and feel of Call of Cthulhu in spooky and downright distributing vibe and wish that Chaosium would have employed his talents for the anniversary edition … This is why I include Jerome as an author, for his work makes the whole set of adventures come alive that while the text is excellent, it is marvelously complemented by the efforts of this phenomenal artist.


Dan Harms continues his quest to review all Trail books with this review of Out of Time (in general) and The Big Hoodoo (in particular).

Out of Time is a great scenario package if you haven’t purchased these scenarios yet, and each promises an evening of fun.