The Zalozhniy Quartet

The The Zalozhniy Quartet has been nominated for an ENnie award for Best Adventure. It’s also one of io9’s Campaigns to Keep You Busy All Summer Long.

Gangsters, Smugglers, Arms Dealers… and Vampires.

From the Ukraine, through Vienna and Baghdad, you must fight your way to the top of the conspiracy, past Soviet spies, con men and the supernatural horrors all out for your blood.

The Lisky Bratva, a Russian mafiya brotherhood, will do anything to stop you.

Keep running. Keep fighting. Make that red line on the map a trail of blood.

The Zalozhniy Quartet is a thriller story arc of four missions for your Night’s Black Agents game. Each of the missions can be played individually, or linked into a campaign in any order. The adventures take place in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, the old stomping grounds of Communism and the Cold War… and vampires.

It begins when a conventional investigation goes horribly wrong. A Zalozhniy, a vicious, undead creature, murders your contact and brings you face to face with the Lisky Bratva and a hidden plot to create the Rubedo, the ultimate vampire weapon. In a chase that takes you all the way to the dusty streets of Riyadh and the horrors of the desert, the Lisky Bratva and their spies are always hot on your heels. If you can find the artifact before them, you might just stand a chance of making it out alive.

  • The Zalozhniy Sanction – The agents are sent to uncover the next step in a gun smuggling operation in Odessa, Ukraine, but the weapons are just one part of the sinister cargo.
  • Out of the House of Ashes – Soviet spies, old world elegance, covert operations… and vampires. Out of the House of Ashes is the subtle, baroque portion of the quartet. If the agents pull a gun in this operation, they’re already in trouble.
  • The Boxmen – In this operation, the agents’ target is a safe-deposit box inside a Swiss bank. A team of crooks also have their sights on the box. The agents must either join forces with the criminals, or beat them at their own game.
  • Treason in the Blood – This operation pits the agents against more supernatural horrors than any other. They’ve got to deal with the legacy of St. John Philby, the Conspiracy’s machinations, and the interference of other, even more mysterious factions who have an interest in the Rubedo.

Oh, and it’s pronounced “Za-lozh-nee” (the zh is like the g in mirage)

A review from veteran Megan Robertson for the The Zalozhniy Quartet.

The whole campaign captures the feel inherent in the core rulebook excellently with plenty of scope for the characters to grow, develop, struggle as the experienced mercenary spies that they are supposed to be, complete with options presented based on the mode of game you have chosen to run.

Stock #: PELGN02 Author: Gareth Hanrahan
Artist:Alessandro Alaia, Phil Reeves Pages: 144pg Perfect Bound


10 Responses to “The Zalozhniy Quartet”

  1. Ville Halonen says:

    I wished for a Transnistria write-up in my playtest feedback, but this is even more wonderful.

  2. Michael Daumen says:

    Same goes for Odessa, a great place to play any game.

  3. Roy Paeth says:

    Okay I preordered Nights Black Agents and was wondering how I get the free first adventure?

  4. Hawke says:

    Any idea when this will be available to purchase as a standalone PDF?

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  6. […] The Zalozhniy Quartet (Pelgrane Press) […]

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