The Shadow Over Washington

Spine-Tingling Washington, D.C. Mythos Noir from the Casefiles of Langston Wright

You are Langston Wright: a scholarly WW2 veteran, fighting for room to breathe in wartime Washington under the shadow of the Jim Crow laws. Equipped with your smarts, your test tubes, and your determination to help people, your job is to scour the streets of the District and fix its toughest problems.

Langston knows an ancient enemy is rising, but he is trapped a million years away. An extraterrestrial intelligence inhabits Langston’s body, dodging bullets as well as a monster controlled by a madman. All the while, Langston’s sanity and the nation’s capital city are on the line.

“The Shadow Over Washington” is the sixth adventure for Cthulhu Confidential™. This one-GM, one-player RPG drops your hero into a noir nightscape where, beneath the merely human corruption, an eternal evil lurks: the malign, cosmic indifference of HP Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos!




Stock #: PELGOC07D Author: Chris Spivey
Artist: Christian Knutsson Type: 40-page PDF

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  1. […] Cthulhu Confidential: The Shadow Over Washington (Pelgrane): Back in 2017 Pelgrane launched a new product line called Gumshoe One-2-One which is basically an adaptation of the investigative ruleset specifically designed for situations when there is one GM and one player. The system was launched via the publication of Cthulhu Confidential, a standalone Lovecraftian game of film noir-ish crime and detection. Set in either the late 1930s – the same setting as Pelgrane’s Trail of Cthulhu titles – or the early 1940s, the style of the game has a distinct Raymond Chandler overtone which sets it apart from any previous game. Since the release of Cthulhu Confidential, Pelgrane have put out several PDFs each of which contains an additional case for one of the hardboiled detectives featured in the core ruleset (LA shamus Dex Raymond, NYC crusading journalist Vivian Sinclair, and African-American WW2 vet Langston Wright from Washington DC). Five of those supplements came out in mid-to-late 2017, but a sixth was released in early 2018 – The Shadow Over Washington, a Langston Wright case written by Chris Spivey. […]