The Long Con

The_Long_Con_cover_350Sidney Pryce wants the protagonists’ help to set up a Big Store, to sucker a rich American into thinking he’s buying into a Burnt Auction. The rewards, Pryce promises, are incalculable; but soon after Pryce enlists their help, strange bird-creatures haunt the protagonists. How, they wonder, does Japanese folklore figure into it?

The Long Con is a new stand-alone Trail of Cthulhu scenario from the pen of Adam Gauntlett (Soldiers of Pen and InkDulce et Decorum Est, and many more).

Stock #: PELGT41D Author: Adam Gauntlett
Artist: Pat Loboyko, Eric Quigley Type: 32-page PDF

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4 Responses to “The Long Con”

  1. Sean says:

    Picked this up and was surprised to see that it’s *clearly* a Bookhounds adventure, but doesn’t seem to state that in an obvious (or maybe any) place.

    I get deemphasizing the Bookhounds relationship, so as not to alienate possible customers who aren’t into that particular flavor of Trail, and the adventure seems to take pains to offer non-Bookhounds options for Ability uses and spends.

    I’m specifically interested in Bookhounds material, though: are there any other adventures like this which I may have missed? I’m not talking about adapting a “vanilla” Trail scenario for Bookhounds: I mean one which is clearly written for a Bookhounds campaign.

    If not, keep writing ’em!


  2. Adam says:

    Glad you liked it!

    The Many Deaths of Edward Bigsby, another scenario of mine, is also Bookhounds compatible. It was available via YSDC in print format before the tax law changed, and I believe Pelgrane will be putting it out later in .pdf. I’m happy to write more so long as Pelgrane’s happy to print them!

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