The Complete Eternal Lies Suite

elscoverJames Semple and his team have mastered over 70 minutes of original, fully orchestrated music of amazing quality for Trail of Cthulhu, and in particular, our mammoth campaign Eternal Lies

The Complete Eternal Lies Suite (now more squamous!)

At last, the entire recordings of the Eternal Lies Suite are released. The complete suite includes all of the original tracks plus an extra seventeen minutes of entirely new music and original voiceover recordings from the legendary Wil Wheaton. These new tracks cover the incredible climax of this world-spanning campaign with orchestral music of truly epic proportions. This soundtrack is now designed to be both used in game and as a separate listening experience. The narrative from Wil Wheaton sets the scene and evokes the perfect atmosphere for all Trail of Cthulhu games. 


The musicians have been working closely with Jeff Tidball and Will Hindmarch, the authors, to create a thematically consistent soundscape which works both as  music in its own right, and as an atmospheric background to the campaign itself in actual play.

While it was written with Eternal Lies in mind, it can be used in any period horror game. There is simply nothing comparable in the RPG world in terms of quality, and it holds its own against the best film and television music.

It combines live instrumentation with the best samples available. All music is carefully planned so that it loops unobtrusively, and the action tracks can be randomly shuffled and blend seamlessly.

The music is available in CD + download, or download versions, and you can listen a sample here.

For the pianists amongst you, here is one of the main themes of the Eternal Lies Suite, which I think has an echo of Chopin about it.

The Complete Eternal Lies Suite is available as a bundle with the hardback print edition from the store at a discount.

Stock #:PELGT17 Author: Wil Wheaton, James Semple, Marie-Anne Fischer, and Yaiza Varona with Mike Torr
Cover art: Jerome Huguenin Format: 39 tracks, 70 minutes of music, mastered at 24 bits


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  2. Reverance Pavane says:

    Any left over?

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  4. Phlegm says:

    Is there any possibility that the Eternal Lies Suite would be pressed again on CD? Thank you.

  5. Beth Lewis says:

    The CD is back in stock and back on sale exclusively through our shop.

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  7. Sainto The Keeper says:

    Sounds great, very scary and mysterious. A game with good music like this may be the most complete experience in roleplaying. Personally, I also recommend Nox Arcana, especially the album Necronomicon.

  8. Marksjus says:

    Will there be an upgrade available for those who already have the previous version of Eternal Lies Suite?

    • Krisz says:

      Well, I have the same question: will those who bought the eternal lies suite in the very beginning get a chance für an “upgrade”?

  9. Nick Silman says:

    Where can I download the CD cover artwork for those who bought the download? I asked this question before but got no reply.

  10. Hamish Campbell says:

    I notice from the track list, that there are 27 tracks. What about the others noted in Eternal Lies; Eye of the Storm, Death of the Mouth, etc?

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