The Book of the New Jersualem

The Secret War is coming to England. Will you be ready?

It is 1927.  As Britain continues her slow recovery, August Darcy, a young journalist, is seized with a strange obsession.  He must recover the very essence of England – her traditions, customs, and legends – and he must do that even at the cost of his livelihood; even if he loses the woman who is to be his wife.

Then, in the early 1930s, England experiences the first portents of a magical war. Darcy’s mythic sites are the hidden battle fields; and that forbidden knowledge, the esoteric ordnance of the forthcoming conflict.

The Book is replete with mythic sites, occult rumours, and clues which will guide you on your quest for forbidden knowledge.

Within these covers are the never-before-published early writings of the author of the The Book of the Smoke. Sketches of English life, in his unique style, are interspersed with private letters and diary extracts to offer an extraordinary insight into the victim of England’s most notorious occult crime. These are not romantic yearnings for a golden age long gone, but a timely reminder that the terrors of our forefathers still linger on the fringe of modernity.

Written as the companion volume to Fearful Symmetries for Trail of Cthulhu, The Book of the New Jerusalem can be used as a Keeper’s resource as well as an in-game artefact for players in any Mythos game.

Status: In layout

7 Responses to “The Book of the New Jersualem”

  1. James O'Neill says:


    Will this ever be released?

    • Becky Smith says:

      Hi James. The Book of the New Jerusalem is finished, but it’s a companion book to Fearful Symmetries, and so can’t be released until Fearful Symmetries is finished. Unfortunately, as somebody who is working on this is suffering from a chronic illness, we’re unable to confirm when they might be able to finish the book. Becky

      • James O'Neill says:


        Thanks for the update, hope the writer is able to make a recovery. Looking after health comes first.



  2. James O'Neill says:

    Hi, I understand this project and Fearful Symmetries have had to be put on long term hold. Have you any other British based campaigns on the stocks to follow on from the epic book hounds of London?

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