Book of Demons

The Archmage BANISHES them.

The Crusader CONQUERS them.

The Great Gold Wyrm DEFIES them.

The Diabolist SUMMONS them.

When the world cracks open and the demons attack, what will YOU do?

The Book of Demons takes an in-depth look at the Abyssal enemies of the 13th Age—the demonic hordes whose eternal struggle to shatter reality causes hellholes, dimensional breaches, and other, even weirder assaults on the world.

For Players:

  • A new demonologist PC class, with three paths: corruption, flame, and slaughter!

For Game Masters:

  • Six detailed hellholes and their denizens, plus advice on making your own
  • A new random demon abilities table
  • Citadels of the Crusader and the Diabolist
  • Monster stats for nine new demons summonable by player character demonologists

Download the Book of Demons errata.


Stock #: PEL13A16 Author: Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan
Artwork: Melissa Gay, Rich Longmore, Agathe Pitié, Lauren Covarrubias, Karolina Węgrzyn, Christine Griffin, Lee Dawn, Lee Moyer, Aaron McConnell Developer: Rob Heinsoo

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39 Responses to “Book of Demons”

  1. David Kay says:

    When will this book be released? Is there a way to sign up for email alerts? I just recently learned about this game and I am in the process of collecting all of the books and will be starting a campaign in my area soon.

  2. antema says:

    Now that 13th Age Bestiary 2 has been released. Is there any update on a rough estimate of releasing this Book of Demons?

    Really need to find out the secrets of sealing hellholes.

    • Alex Roberts says:

      The Book of Demons is slated for release in late 2017. We understand that the sealing of hellholes is a matter of some urgency.

      • antema says:

        Well, it’s now more than a month later. Has there been progress made on the book, or a more specific release schedule?

        • Cat Tobin says:

          All of the art is now finished, and Rob is just putting the finishing touches to the development. He’s been battling illness recently, which has delayed it. We’re hoping to release it on pre-order at the end of December 2017.

  3. Denis says:

    How many pages is this?

  4. FCM says:

    Errata? In glancing at the text of the pre-order PDF, specifically the sidebar on Page 34 regarding Flare Up and Keep Burning Please, I think it means to say that because the use of Keep Burning changes a successful save to a failure, Flare Up cannot trigger? Flare Up is triggered by a successful save, not a failed one.

  5. Sam says:

    Just noticed something with tiefling demonologists and multiclassing: Since the Charisma->Intelligence swap is a class feature for tiefling demonologists, not a talent, it gets around this from page 106 of 13 True Ways: “The important reminders to keep things sorted out are that a) the key modifier table itself is not affected by any ability score swaps pulled off within class talents, and b) the talents are class elements that are affected by the key ability modifiers.”

    This doesn’t affect much of the more obvious INT-using multiclass combos for wizards, necromancers, and the occultist since the key ability modifier for that side of the multiclass is still INT/CHA. However, any class a tiefling demonologist multiclasses with a talent that lets you swap out the key modifier with Intelligence would let you use just Intelligence for both classes: the bard’s Loremaster, rogue’s Cunning, and commander’s Strategist.

    There are probably some slightly intuitive-ish exceptions/clarifications to force dual-ability-score usage, but I figure it’s good to point this out!

    • Rob Heinsoo says:

      Oh multiclassing! So many ways to trip! Thanks for the great catch about the That’s Intelligent feature; I’m adding text to simply state that That’s Intelligent is going to be treated as if it was a talent for purposes of interacting with key modifiers. // And Contagion *is* supposed to function with ongoing damage and any other effect or condition that has a save involved. We’re clarifying that. So double-thanks. –Rob H

  6. Sam says:

    Ooo, one other thing for me to bring up: Is the Contagion talent meant to apply to spell effects, or *conditions* caused by one of your demonologist spells? While it mentions the word “condition”, every other sentence refers to the spell effects. Does this apply only to actual conditions inflicted by your spells (vulnerable, confused, dazed, etc.), or does it apply to ongoing damage and the like as well?

  7. TC says:

    This is cool but I sure would like a book that had all the monthly stuff in it instead, including the races that for some reason you removed the playability option for in Bestiary 2. I hate being a negative nancy but the year IS almost over and the stuff put has been…lacking for me. I was a subscriber before when the monthly was around and I liked this game even though getting a group together that doesn’t want to kill the Icons is next to impossible, and I would love more player options to entice people with. Cause that IS what this game is lacking most…options.

  8. Eclair says:

    How much content from the full version is in the currently available pre-order preview? And are the method(s) for sealing a hell hole in the pre-order preview?

    • Cat Tobin says:

      The currently available pre-order preview contains everything which will be in the full version, apart from the art. You can seal a hellhole while it’s still opening and vulnerable, and there’s some stuff in there about how the Icons deal with hellholes, but the hellholes the PCs get into aren’t meant to be like living dungeons that PCs can definitely kill; sealing hellholes is a big secret the Crusader isn’t revealing any time soon.

      • Eclair says:

        I guess that makes sense. However, that being said, that means that the statement of “Players: Discover how to seal a hellhole and save the world” is really misleading.

        Was this book originally supposed to have the means for high level players to actually seal hellholes, but it was changed during the writing of the book, or what?

        • Wade Rockett says:

          A section on sealing hellholes was originally in the proposed book outline that we based the product page on, but ultimately Gareth and Rob decided not to take that approach. Thanks for pointing this out — I’ve updated the text.

  9. antema says:

    Any update on the release date?

    • Colleen Riley says:

      We’re just putting the finishing touches on the cover, and hoping to have the final PDF to pre-orderers in early February, then shipping it in mid-March.

  10. Destemido says:

    How many pages this book have?

  11. Margie says:

    Will this redo some of the summoning stuff? Necromancer summons are really very weak and there is no reason to use them late game.

    • Wade Rockett says:

      The Book of Demons’ summoning rules aren’t meant to be used with the druid and necromancer class from 13 True Ways. Those classes have their own power ecosystem that doesn’t integrate with the general rules in Book of Demons.

  12. […] gli autori si sono liberati, e perciò quest’anno dovrebbero uscire più manuali,almeno 5. Il book of demons è giù uscito in pdf e a breve in cartaceo mentre si sta completando anche book of ages che è […]

  13. Mike says:


    Any idea when the physical book will ship?


  14. Erik says:

    Noticing a high amount of typos in this book. :-( Here are a couple:
    – page 17: Carrion Screech: the Epic feat references ongoing Poison damage granted by the Champion feat, but neither the base spell nor the Champion feat deal poison damage nor have any ongoing damage.
    – page 20: Flame Bonus Spell is listed as a Talent, but makes no sense as a talent; it does the same thing as Bonus Summoning Spell on page 19.

    Also, every sub-class table has a row for level 1 multiclass and a column for fanatic, with a unique entry in the intersecting cell. But fanatics can’t multiclass.

  15. Travis says:

    Will this book be released on DriveThruRPG or will it only be sold on Pelgrane’s Website?

  16. Denis says:

    I got two questions concerning the Demonologist.

    p.26 – Demonic Violence
    “Yes, roll at the start of the day” – does it mean it’s not per full-heal-up but “at dawn”? Or why is this emphasised?

    And the Champion Feat refers to something called “Focused Violence”. I guess it means “Demonic Violence” and the name just wasn’t updated?

    • Wade Rockett says:

      Yes, you roll it when you take a full heal-up (the start of the “day”), and not at some other point during the ensuing time period. A playtester asked for that clarification.

      And yes, it should read “Demonic Violence”. Thanks for catching that!

  17. Dexter says:

    I DM’d a very long game of Out of the Abyss, a demon-centric D20 adventure. I took every Underdark and Demon splat book I could get, and this is one of the better ones. Some really fun ideas on how to implement demons that defy expectations.

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