The 13th Age Limited Edition

The first batch of limited editions are sold out. I don’t know when we’ll release the final 100 – probably at least a year.

diceringWe’ve printed 200 limited editions in all, and we are releasing 100 now for Escalation Edition customers. The books are faux leather with gold foil. Each one includes a sticky-backed book plate signed by the four creators for you to add to the book. They also include a limited edition dice ring in a single size.

We are not offering an upgrade version

The book retails at $100 / £65 plus shipping.

50 books will be made available to UK and Rest of World Escalation Edition customers and 50 to US customers.

We are emailing all Escalation Edition customers with instructions how to order.

If we don’t sell out, we’ll open it up to everyone.

The other 100 will be released another time, again to Escalation Edition orderers who missed out, first.



11 Responses to “The 13th Age Limited Edition”

  1. Steve Mumford says:

    Are these the faux leather books that were offered through eg. the MONARCH level of the 13 True Ways Kickstarter project? Thanks!

  2. Adam Dray says:

    Yeah, same question.

  3. Tim B. says:

    The book looks gorgeous.

    Steve and Adam, according to the thread on Google+, this is *not* the same faux leather book that was offered at the Monarch backer level of the 13 True Ways Kickstarter. That book is the leather edition of 13 True Ways, whereas this is the leather edition of the 13th Age core book.

    Hope this helps!

    • Steve Mumford says:

      Ah, thanks – the way I’d read the Monarch backer description, I thought that it offered leatherbound editions of both 13 True Ways and the original (“Leatherbound and PDF versions of the Expansion Book and the Hardcover 13th Age RPG.”) but looking at it again I can see how it might mean one book leatherbound, one not. Cheers!

    • Adam Dray says:

      Yes, that clears it up. Thanks!

  4. Hannah C says:

    This book looks beautiful and as soon as I saw it, I wanted it.

    But when I’m trying to check out it is just endlessly (10 minutes+)’communicating with bank…,’ on the Secure Checkout screen I’m seeing:

    Microsoft JET Database Engine error ‘80040e09’
    Cannot update. Database or object is read-only.
    /shop/shop_checkout.asp, line 419

    Does this mean it’s already sold out?

  5. Dave Nolan says:

    Suppose I am hoping beyond hope here, but if there is a robust call for more copies to be made of this deluxe edition, is there a chance that there will be another print run? Not sure what is possible and guessing that putting this book together is somewhat daunting. Yet, I am thinking that there would more than 50 or even 100 folks in the states who would be interested in picking up a copy of this.

    Anyway, just a thought. Hope all is well.

    Dave Nolan
    Holliston, MA

    • Simon Rogers says:

      We’ve got another 100. We’ll release them some time.

      • Dave Nolan says:

        Simon, thank you for the response. I would definitely be interested in a picking up a copy of the limited edition. Based upon the update to the text of this page, I am guessing that those of us who pre-ordered will be given the first shot at purchasing the book and will be notified in similar fashion to the announcement that heralded the availability of the first batch (via the email we provided with the pre-order). Just want to be sure that I catch this whenever the final batch of books is made available to purchase. Thanks for any and all information.

        Take care.


        P.S. I have “Liked” the Pelgrane Press Facebook page as well, where this announcement might also be posted.

  6. George Pitre says:

    I missed the kickstarters, and continue to be sad about that. Being able to get this would definitely improve my mood. What would be the best way to make sure one finds out when those remaining copies will be released to the public?

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