The Flesh TailorIn his April View from the Pelgrane’s Nest column, Simon provided updates on all of Pelgrane’s current projects. Here’s the latest news on 13th Age:

The 13th Age Bestiary is with the printers, on target for a mid-June delivery date. Pre-order your copy now from the Pelgrane store. It’s available on Bits and Mortar, too, so you can pre-order it from your local retailer and get the PDF now.

The Bestiary limited edition is in the changing rooms at the boutique, trying out new outfits of faux leather colours and gold foil. The limited B is currently available for pre-order, with Hatchling edition customers geting first dibs.

13 True Ways is finally in layout. We apologize for the extreme delay in getting this Kickstarted product out to you – we think it’s worth the wait. We’ll put in on pre-order this month. It’s touch and go if we’ll have it out in time for GenCon and Kickstarter backers come first. A non-laid out PDF version should be out with backers in the next couple of weeks.

For FreeRPGDay , Saturday 21st June, we’ll be releasing a new retail-exclusive adventure Make Your Own Luck. 3500 of these adventures will be distributed free in up to 700 hobby stores. Stores can sign up here  and you can find your nearest participating retailer here.

Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan is nursing the great whale that is The Eyes of the Stone Thief into the the deep waters of art direction; Rich Longmore, Anna Kryczkowska, Juha Makkonen and Pat Loboyko are doing the interior work, and Ben Wootten the cover.

Cartographer Pär Lindstrom is producing maps for Shadows of Eldolan, and we have a first colour draft of the cover by Joshua Calloway here.

ASH LAW has delivered a draft of Shards of the Broken Sky, which Rob will look at when 13 True Ways is laid out.

The Book of Loot, a delicious collection of potent and quirky Icon-featured items is in first draft, also awaiting Rob’s seal of approval.

Shard_CoverA sandbox adventure location for the 13th Age Roleplaying Game  with dungeons, monsters, and catastrophes for player characters level 1-10.

One of the Overworld’s flying realms has crashed to earth, revealing a long-kept secret: this was the control point for magical wards that kept three ancient evils in check. Now, each of the icons of the Dragon Empire offers you rival opportunities for glory, plunder, or heroic sacrifice. Will you restore the wards? Unleash evil on the world? Or loot everything that isn’t nailed down while trying to stay one step ahead of the apocalypse?

There are many ways to use Shards of the Broken Sky: anchor an entire campaign in and around this fallen flying realm; send your heroes to the crash site for a one-shot or mini-arc; or reporpose its contents for your own campaign.

In Shards of the Broken Sky the characters’ icon relationships shape the plot, NPCs, and locations, keeping the story relevant to their backstories and goals. You’ve played through once? Enter the Shards sandbox again with new PCs—it’s never the same adventure twice.

Status: Art and cartography

13th Age Escalation Edition v6Rob Heinsoo emerged from his subterranean lair to give us this update on the status of the 13th Age RPG, the 13 True Ways expansion, his new Shards of the Broken Sky adventure and more.

As you might have seen in Simon Rogers’ Through the Scrying Glass column, I finished the manuscript for 13th Age in November and turned the final text over for layout by the talented Chris Huth (Night’s Black AgentsLorefinder.) In December, we sold the last of our 1,000 Escalation Edition pre-orders. People can still pre-order the game and download the final rules, but the window for getting your name listed in the book, and first refusal of the eventual leatherbound edition has closed.

After getting the final text into layout, I turned my attention to some non-13th Age projects on my plate, including design help and flavor on the recently announced Shadowrun: Crossfire, a deckbuilding game designed by Fire Opal Media and published by Catalyst that will lead into their cool new Shadowrun 5 RPG.

Timing of 13th Age

Now that we’ve hit 2013, I’m back at work on two 13th Age books: Shards of the Broken Sky is an adventure for Pelgrane Press, 13 True Ways is the book funded via Kickstarter.

The core 13th Age book should arrive in stores in April. That’s based on two months between the start of printing and final distribution and the likelihood that layout won’t be complete until February.

The delay largely stems from the complexity of the layout. Our vision was for a full-color layout with subtle touches and a variety of sidebars. We had some false starts but now Chris Huth’s work is going smoothly. Simon will share sample laid out chapters in the next See Page XX from Pelgrane Press.

I’m aiming to turn in the draft of Shards by the end of February. The goal is an adventurer tier sandbox adventure that could even be played twice by the same group with different characters and icon connections.

13 True Ways is underway with the rest of the team. Lee is working on the Horizon map. Jonathan is working on Drakkenhall and taverns. Aaron starts this week on art supporting the monsters, magic items, and characters created by our high level backers. I’m doing initial drafts of the new monk, druid, chaos shaman, battle captain, occultist and necromancer classes. I think its best if I skip publication date guesses for now. I’ll have a much clearer estimate toward the end of February.

Meanwhile Gerald is coordinating the 13th Age dice sets and the new Escalation Die (and eventually the t-shirt). ASH LAW has come aboard to help run that thing I would have sworn we wouldn’t be able to handle: an Organized Play program, of sorts; and there are more developments afoot for next week.

And for me, back to work.

Yours in battle captaincy,
Rob Heinsoo