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Trail of Cthulhu

On Pre-Order, with PDF Now: The Occult Guide for Trail of Cthulhu.
Out Now, Cthulhu Apocalypse and  Bookhounds of the London for Trail of Cthulhu.

Skulduggery and Dying Earth

Beyond The Mountains of Magnatz and The Wedding. All Dying Earth RPG products have been re-released,


Wedded bliss is only a few relatives away…

The Wedding is the brand new setting for Skulduggery, the roleplaying game of verbal fireworks and sudden reversals!

You are guests at the wedding of Emma Blunt and Martin Sharpe, held at the moderately-swanky Elysian Country Club. Emma’s father, Gerald Blunt, owns a processed-cheese empire, Martin’s one of his star biochemists, and an unmistakably cheesy odor hangs over the festivities. When Emma calls the whole thing off in a fit of pique, it’s up to the player characters to ensure the couple are forced back onto the path of happiness.

With unforgettable (and unforgivable) player characters such as Jean-Philippe Cabot, heir to a French goat-cheese empire and ex of the bride, hell-bent on winning her back; Tom Sharpe, the regulation drunken uncle. He rambles. He drones. He drinks. He bores you to tears. And an eccentric, snobbish food critic eying a high-paid consultancy in the father-of-the-bride’s company. Amongst these figures you must find a way to bring the happy couple back together or destroy them completely, it’s up to you.

Stock #: PELK04D Author: Gareth Hanrahan
Artist:Hilary Wade & Jerome Huguenin Pages: 16 pg PDF



A picaresque series of adventures for the Dying Earth, featuring the evolving exploits of advancing Cugel-level characters.

BEYOND THE MOUNTAINS OF MAGNATZ (Footsteps of Fools: Part 4)

You may have thought your adventurous rogues were trapped in the barren north until the sun went dark. But no, the former Lords of Cil are on the move again. Initially reprising their roles as the heralded Lords, the adventurers must:

  • Evade becoming victim to the vast ancient menace of Magnatz in the sinister town of Vull
  • Progress through a series of greater and lesser challenges, both natural & magical, as they struggle across the savage mountains
  • Explore strange hospitality in the valley of the mighty Pharesm
  • And survive lands populated by an army of basilisks, before at last winning free to the civilized lands of the east

The other adventures in the series are “1: All’s Fair at Azenomei”, “2: Strangers in Saskervoy” and “3: The Lords of Cil“, all available in PDF form from the webstore. The next publication in this series (“5: And Thence to Almery“) wraps it all up. It carries the PCs from the Northern Scamander, through Erze Damath, and via Old Romarth back to Azenomei and an epic confrontation with Iucounu the Laughing Magician.

Turjan’s Tome is essential as an adjunct to this publication if you are evolving PCs towards full Turjanic capacity, as you need to refer to specific rules, spells, items etc and add them in. The Tome also allows significant and easy expansion of BMM in the adventurous Cugel style, as many spells and effects from the Tome are referenced within. But it is not technically ‘essential’ if you are content to improvise, invent magic, and keep your PCs more Cugelesque.


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Stock #: PEL020 Author: Ian Thomson
Artist: Jerome Huguenin Pages: 96 page PDF


survive enslavement by an army of basilisks before at last winning
free to the civilized lands of the east

Nominated for Best Setting and Gold Award winner for Best Writing in the 2012 ENnie awards

This work is a primer for players of Lovecraftian roleplaying games set in the dismal streets of 1930s London.


The Guide is replete with contacts, rumours and clues which will guide you on your quest for forbidden knowledge. Written as the companion volume to Bookhounds of London for Trail of Cthulhu, it can be used as a Keeper’s resource as well as an in-game artefact for players in any Mythos game.

In 1933 a mysterious secret society commissioned Augustus Darcy to compile a guide to occult London. By the end of that year, Darcy was dead. Within these tales of The Smoke’s legendary past are scattered clues to its future. Was a magical war brewing? Were forces from other dimensions breaking through into our own? Who were the mysterious Brotherhood? Who killed Augustus Darcy and why? After eighty years Darcy’s book is here for you to make up your own mind. Use it as a guide as you venture into Darcy’s world and may your gods be with you in the days ahead.

It is a work of fiction, an autobiography, an occult miscellany and a murder mystery, a book which should not be read, and yet cannot be cast aside. It is all these things and more, but most of all it is a guide for your own journey through the streets of the Big Smoke.

The hardback edition of The Occult Guide will be available only with the Limited Edition Bookhounds of London.

Status: Pre-order the hard copy, for May release, get the PDF now.

Cthulhu Apocalypse Cover 300px

The first part of the highly anticipated Cthulhu Apocalypse campaign.

The Investigators are rendered unconscious by a train crash. When they wake they discover the world has died. White flowers cover the ground and they see, beneath the delicate petals, the faces of the dead. No other human is in sight, everyone is gone.

The struggle to survive the apocalypse takes the Investigators through Britain, across the sea to America and beyond the veils of reality.

The Dead White World contains the first three scenarios for Cthulhu Apocalypse by Graham Walmsley, author of The Purist Adventures.

The Dead White World is supported by The Apocalypse Machine – a new campaign setting for Trail of Cthulhu.

There is a review of Graham Wamlsey’s opening chapters of Cthulhu Apocalpyse here on (9/10)

Everyone was very happy with the scenario at its end. It was bleak, very Lovecraftian, and will be remembered as a gaming highlight by myself for many years to come. A lot of the credit for the excellent series of sessions must rest on the author – Graham Walmsley – who has crafted a horrible situation for players to navigate that is not a familiar Mythos monster charging down upon you, or a cult needing foiling. For this original conceit, I must applaud the author. His many sidebars, ideas, and notes (including the Save Vs. Apocalypse sidebar on escaping Dover as it is destroyed) make the scenario an inspiring piece to run.

Stock #: PELGT19D Author: Graham Walmsley
Artist: Alessandro Alaia Pages: 54 pg PDF