Face Madness and Corruption… Alone!

This beautiful faux-leatherbound version of the first GUMSHOE One-2-One game comes in rich black, embossed with gleaming silver. It includes a limited edition bookplate signed by all three authors.

Langston Wright is an African-American war veteran and scholar in WW2-era Washington, DC. Vivian Sinclair is The New York Herald’s most determined scoop-hound in 1930s NYC. And Dex Raymond is a hard-boiled private detective with a nose for trouble in 1930s Los Angeles.

Each is a lone investigator, equipped with smarts, fists, and just maybe a code of honor, uncovering their town’s secret truths. But what happens when you scratch the veneer of human malfeasance to reveal an eternal evil—the malign, cosmic indifference of HP Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos?

You get Cthulhu Confidential™.

You get GUMSHOE One-2-One™.

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Cthulhu Confidential Limited Edition features three protagonists each in their own setting, with three fully-featured adventure, which serve as a complete model for further mysteries of your creation.

The Fathomless Sleep

How did fast-living society girl Helen Deakin come down with a case of catatonia? Her sultry sister pays you to find out. As Dex Raymond, you’ll explore a web of blackmail, dirty money, and weird mysticism in the city of fallen angels.


Fatal Frequencies

In the offices of the New York Herald, Sadie Cane seeks reporter Vivian Sinclair‘s help. Sadie’s fiancé, George Preston, disappeared three days after a murder in his apartment block. Can Viv uncover the truth about George, and will Sadie like what she finds?


Capitol Colour

Lynette Miller was a riveter. A few weeks ago, she got a new job: hush-hush, and highly paid. She’s a clever and resourceful young woman, and now she’s missing, and her father is heartbroken. Can Langston Wright unweave a web of deceit, face down racist cops, and uncover the deeper conspiracy which endangers the war effort?



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Stock #: PELGOC01L Authors: Robin D. Laws, Chris Spivey, Ruth Tillman
Artists: Stephanie Brown, Jérôme Huguenin, Christian Knutsson, Anthony Moravian, Leonard O’Grady Pages: 328 pages, casebound book






Already got your book, and have a question about page 8? Check out this post.

Follow the Trail of Cthulhu into the Dreamlands in this limited edition copy of Dreamhounds of Paris!


Signed bookplate

Only 100 copies of this faux-leatherbound limited edition Dreamhounds of Paris exist in this reality. 50 will be made available to customers in the US & Canada, and 50 will be made available to customers outside the US & Canada. The books are faux leather with gold foil, and each one includes a sticky-backed book plate signed by the three authors for you to add to the book.

From the 1920s to the coming of the Occupation, a new breed of artist prowled the fabled streets of Paris. Combative, disrespectful, irresponsible, the surrealists broke aesthetic conventions, moral boundaries—and sometimes, arms. They sought nothing less than to change humanity by means of a worldwide psychic revolution. Their names resound through pop culture and the annals of art history.
But until now, no one has revealed what they were really up to.

In this comprehensive campaign guide for Trail of Cthulhu, you recreate their mundane and mystical adventures as you stumble onto the Dreamlands, a fantastical realm found far beyond the wall of sleep. At first by happenstance and later by implacable design, you remake it in the fiery image of your own art.

Will you save the world, or destroy it?



Stock #: PELGT38L Pages: 160
Artists: Tyler Clark, Ben Felten, Emilien Francois, Melissa Gay, Jérôme Huguenin, Leah Huete, Rachel A. Kahn, Anna Kryczkowska, David Lewis Johnson, Pat Loboyko, Rich Longmore, Jeff Porter, Patricia Smith, Jeff Strand Authors: Robin D. Laws, Kenneth Hite, Steve Dempsey

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The Eternal Lies Limited Edition

Eternal Lies is our tribute to the great epic Call of Cthulhu adventures such as Masks of Nyarlathotep and Beyond the Mountains of Madness. Eternal Lies was released at GenCon 2013, won two ENnie awards and has its own fan community and now has an alternative ending.

We printed 125 limited editions, and they’ve been waiting in vault protected by dire occult sigils. Now the seal has been broken and the eldritch tomes are finally free. The cover is brown faux leather with gold foil lettering, and includes a specially designed book plate signed by Will Hindmarch and Jeff Tidball, co-creators of Eternal Lies.EL-bookplate-full-bleed-4-18

The book retails at $80 / £60 plus shipping.

Having emailed all Eternal Lies customers with the first option to pick them up – as is their privilege – we can now offer the few remaining copies publicly. If you want one of the limited edition copies, grab one at this secret store link.


You may recall that the first batch of 100 limited edition copies of 13th Age sold out around this time last year. You may also remember that we printed 200 limited editions in all. We’re giving some away for a secret reward and this month, we’re releasing 60 more.

The books are faux leather with gold foil. Each one includes a sticky-backed book plate signed by the four creators for you to add to the book.

We are not offering an upgrade version.

The book retails at $100 / £65 plus shipping.

You can order it here under Recent Releases.


13th Age Bestiary Limited Edition









We’ve printed 100 limited editions in all, and we are releasing them now for Hatchling Edition pre-orderers only. The books are faux black leather with gold foil. Each one includes a numbered book plate signed by Rob Heinsoo for you to add to the book. They will also include a limited edition A5 print of everyone’s favourite baby owlbear facing off a bronze golem.


We are not offering an upgrade version to existing Bestiary customers.

The book retails at $80 / £50 plus shipping.

As promised, we are emailing all 13th Age Bestiary Hatchling Edition customers with instructions how to order. If we don’t sell out, we’ll open it up next to the rest of the Bestiary pre-orderers, and if there are any left after that, we’ll open it up to everyone.

The first batch of limited editions are sold out. I don’t know when we’ll release the final 100 – probably at least a year.

diceringWe’ve printed 200 limited editions in all, and we are releasing 100 now for Escalation Edition customers. The books are faux leather with gold foil. Each one includes a sticky-backed book plate signed by the four creators for you to add to the book. They also include a limited edition dice ring in a single size.

We are not offering an upgrade version

The book retails at $100 / £65 plus shipping.

50 books will be made available to UK and Rest of World Escalation Edition customers and 50 to US customers.

We are emailing all Escalation Edition customers with instructions how to order.

If we don’t sell out, we’ll open it up to everyone.

The other 100 will be released another time, again to Escalation Edition orderers who missed out, first.



All the Ashen Stars Stellar Nursery editions have gone out. Here are the last few:

The limited edition is awaiting these tokens, which we should have by the end of the month. Other limited editions are available through the Game Preview Event in selected stores.


Bet you wish your limited edition was hot like mine.


The Bookhounds of London Limited Edition is now SOLD OUT.

What does The Limited Edition Include?

Bookhounds Photo
The limited edition will include:

  • A limited edition faux leather bound, gold-embossed copy of Bookhounds of London, signed by Kenneth Hite with a Lovecraftian word added in his fair hand. The full list of 110 words will be published after the books are released.
  • A limited edition of Augustus Darcy’s Occult Guide (Liber Fumo de Frater Viglio)  presented as an in world-artifact, hardbound, cloth covered, numbered, gold embossed with an exclusive dust cover. To the extent we can, we have left no trace of its modern origins. You get the PDF of the Occult Guide now with your order.
  • Genuine 1930s ephemera selected from by Steve and Paula Dempsey (contributor and Occult Guide writer respectively), divided as evenly as possible between each limited edition. While some people will do better than others we think no one will be disappointed.
  • A unique clue to the death of Augustus Darcy.
  • All this presented in Augustus Darcy’s olive green haversack, protected by a mystic sigil.


The price is $150 / £100 plus tracked and insured shipping.

A bit more information on the Bookhounds Limited Edition. Ken has signed each one of the leatherbound volumes and added a Lovecraftian word. We’ll assign these at random, with a ten reserved for contributors, staff and charity auctions. Beth, for example, has taken the shoggoth.

My plan at the moment is the offer the limited edition combined with a hardback Occult Guide, some 30s ephemera and a suitable container. Every copy will include a section of an annotated map with clues to the murder of Augustus Darcy, and we are hoping that people will scan them and put them all together.

I’ll email all Bookhounds pre-orderers for a chance to buy an upgrade to their pre-order, or get a copy to supplement their standard edition.

I haven’t emailed yet! Emails will be going out end of next week, though the limited edition packages themselves will not ship for a while after.

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