Summoning Spells

13 True Ways introduced druids and necromancers as the first summoning spellcasters. Now this installment of the Monthly adds:

  • Updated summoning mechanics for 13th Age
  • New demon and elemental summoning spells for the wizard’s spellbook
  • New archon summoning spells for the cleric’s prayer-roster
  • Stats for summoned archons, demons and elementals
  • A new demon type: the laughing demon!

Summoning Spells is the sixth installment of the 13th Age Monthly subscription. It will be available to buy in the webstore in July. When you subscribe to 13th Age Monthly, you will get all issues of the subscription to date.

Stock #: PEL13AM07D Author: Rob Heinsoo
Artist: Rich Longmore Pages: 13pg PDF

2 Responses to “Summoning Spells”

  1. Falco1029 says:

    Bah, nothing for Sorcerers? I mean, yeah, they can gain access to wizardry either a bit late or with a single spell, but I’d love to see some chaos inducing summons unique to them.

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