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In big news this month, our Production Assistant Alex Roberts is leaving Pelgrane to focus on applying to grad school, as well as the sundry other plates she magnificently keeps spinning. It’s been wonderful having her around, and we’ll miss her! We’re currently recruiting for an Administrative Assistant to replace her, and we’ve had a fantastic response, with more than 50 applications so far. Applications are open until October 11th, and all the details are here.

In other big news, Steven Hammond from Northland Creative is taking on the task of revamping our Black Book character generator. We use this a lot for our convention adventure and one-shot PCs, and we’re very excited about the improvements he’s got planned. But first, he needs your help to understand how you use our character sheets – check out his article for more details, and the chance to win a $15 voucher for our webstore.

With all the excitement, our production line has slowed down slightly. Fire and Faith, the final volume in the Battle Scenes series, is out on pre-order this month; pre-order it with the accompanying Map Folio as a bundle, and we’ll add the text file to your bookshelves on Wednesday, October 4th. The latest PDF for Cthulhu Confidential, the Langston Wright adventure One For the Money, is also available now, with the final PDF also being available on your bookshelves on Wednesday.

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28 Responses to “See Page XX – September 2017”

  1. In the last few years: L5R, Nobilis 2E. Hoping to get Blades in the Dark or old WoD:Changeling to the table in the next few months.

  2. Nanouk Harper says:

    Other systems: (new) World of Darkness, Abberant, FFG Star Wars,

  3. Vrylakos says:

    Well, the poll does not allow multiple answers, so…

    Apocalypse World games and their relatives.

    Currently enjoying Blades in the Dark.
    Story games a few times a year at cons such at Dexcon etc.

  4. RPGeiro says:

    I play Mutant: Year Zero system.

  5. gdave says:

    On a regular basis, Savage Worlds and D&D 5e; on an occasional basis, FATE; every once in a while, various homebrew systems I or another player in my group puts together.

  6. Jason says:

    Your poll suggests that you may want more than one answer but only allows one.

    Recently played: FFG Star Wars, Apocalypse World, praxis, Blades in the Dark

    Currently playing: Urban Shadows, 7th Sea, Mouse Guard

    Gearing up to play: some flavor of F20, Golden Sky Stories, Chuubo’s Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine

  7. Steve Dempsey says:

    Tales from the Loop, 13th Age, Cthulhu Dark, Intrepid, Drone, Star Wars, I’m sure there have been others this year.

  8. Fuzzbender says:

    I also play Feng shui and Warhammer (1st/2nd ed).

  9. Mark Bee says:

    Right now pretty much the only system that I am playing IS Gumshoe!

  10. Niclas Matikainen says:

    Storytelling System has seen the most use for me in the last 10 or so years. Before that, Cyberpunk 2020, WFRP1 and Kult (BRP, I guess) have been my go to systems.

  11. SunlessNick says:

    In the last few years, BRP and someone’s homebrew system.

  12. Kevin Madison says:

    Storyteller system (White Wolf Original World of Darkness).

  13. Sean Phelan says:

    This year:
    Savage Rifts
    Mutants & Masterminds
    Conan: In an Age Undreamed of
    Shadow of the Demon Lord
    Apocalypse World 2e
    Delta Green
    The main campaign I’m running right now is Force & Destiny.

  14. Allan Prewett says:

    We drift between these; Blade of the Iron Throne – its son of The Riddle of Steel, for our S&S.
    The Dark Eye. Mindjammer. Tekumel. Glorantha – using Heroquest. Coriolis.
    Like to start Blades in the Dark and some other AW spin-offs like Alas for the Awful Sea, Badlam Hall, Upwind, but not sure how it will go with only one player.

  15. Lawrence R. Mingoa says:

    non-d20, non-GUMSHOE: Ryuutama, 7th Sea 2nd Edition, Fiasco, Feng Shui, Hikikomori.
    d20, non-GUMSHOE: 13th Age, D&D 5E, D&D 4E, Shadow of the Demon Lord, Lamentations of the Flame Princess.

    That’s… quite a number of RPGs that I played/ran and enjoyed, now that I think about it :O

  16. René Schultze says:

    Playing Rogue Trader and SoE. Next games: Conan (2d20) and Forbidden Lands (MY0 Engine).

  17. René Schultze says:

    Ah, forgot Zweihänder or WFRP 4th Edition, depends on the new ruleset of the 4th Ed. – sorry.

  18. Henrik Arborén says:

    Mutant: Year Zero ruleset (Mutant: Year Zero, Coriolis, Tales from the loop) by Free League.

  19. Mark Bryant says:

    13th Age!

  20. Hannah says:

    Previously ran some 13th Age.
    Current games involve D&D 4e (long-standing home games at this point), and Red Markets. Hoping to start Blades in the Dark very soon, as well as Spark System/Sig.

  21. Chris says:

    I have just started with World of Darkness d10 based system which I like, albeit my favourite setting is Geist-Sin Eaters which is a bit of a rules mess but its tweakable. The core mechanics of WOD are very accessible.

    Also- Lone Wolf Adventure Game. Very simple d10 mechanics that has some character traits and skills that seem to work very similar to GUMSHOE core rule system.

  22. Jakob says:

    Poll: Besides Gumshoe, Cypher, Ap. World and BRP, I’ve recently played some Fantasy AGE, which is nice, but actually made me check out OSR to get back to the roots of that particular tradition in gaming. At the moment I’m reading Lamentations of the Flame Princess and planning to give it a try soon.

  23. CheeseWyrm says:

    Playing CoC (BRP) and D&D5e, running 13thAge & The One Ring

  24. Derek Stoelting says:

    When not using GUMSHOE. . .

    Modern and Scifi Future: Unisystem (Buffy, All Flesh Must Be Eaten, conspiracy X)

    Scifi Fantasy: Zweihänder

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