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A quick postcard from the Nest this month as we prepare for the Origins Game Fair, in Columbus, Ohio in mid-June. We’re excited to be sharing the Indie Press Revolution (IPR) booth #823 with excellent RPG-publishing colleagues like Evil Hat, John Wick Presents, and Bully Pulpit – it’s a boothapolanza not to be missed! We’re also proud to have been nominated for an Origins award for Cthulhu Confidential, our one player, one GM Mythos noir game – if you’re able to vote for it at the show, please do!

This month sees the release of the Book of Ages – if you’ve ever wondered what came before the 13th Age, the Engine of the Ages is a collaborative method for designing the ancient history of your campaign, and the Book of Ages includes more than a dozen sample Ages you can borrow from, too. And in case you missed last month, we now have a snazzy 13th Age dice tray to roll your dice in, alongside the Book of Demons, the collected Battle Scenes adventures for 13th Age, and the long-awaited pre-order of the full-colour hardback 13th Age Glorantha. And, of course, The Fall of DELTA GREEN is available to pre-order; backer copies are shipping now, so we’re hoping to start shipping the pre-orders this month.

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16 Responses to “See Page XX – June 2018”

  1. Hannah says:

    I attend Kublacon in Burlingame, CA. It’s really grown in the number of RPG options it offers, and also offers a lot of family-friendly options throughout the weekend.

  2. gdave says:

    GenCon every two years or so, MACE in Charlotte, NC every year.

  3. ChupacabraCon, every May in Austin, TX. Ken Hite is a regular celebrity guest.

  4. Daniel Fidelman says:

    The Book of Ages is unavailable yet, I see? Would buyers be notified when the pdf is posted?

  5. Scott Jenks says:

    Gen Con and DragonCon it would be good to have multiple options

  6. Slar says:

    U-Con is a great small convention in Ypsilanti, MI

  7. Kirk says:

    GaryCon in Lake Geneva, WI (in addition to GenCon). GaryCon is a great size and gets an excellent selection of guests and exhibitors.

  8. Jake Boone says:

    GameStorm, in Portland, Oregon. If you come, I’ll volunteer to help. :)

  9. Tim Baker says:

    I attend Crit Hit in Phoenix, Arizona each year.

  10. Jeb Boyt says:

    Chupacabracon and Owlcon (where I always run a Trail adventure).

  11. Jay Button says:


  12. Chris Long says:

    Gamehole con and GaryCon are the two big ones I go to. Other than that I run Exploricon, which I obviously attend ;). We try to make Exploricon heavy on indie games.

  13. Any chance that Pelgrane Press will attend UK Game Expo next year?


    AcadeCon Dayton Ohio USA

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