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The big news from the last month is the successful funding of The Yellow King RPG Kickstarter, which raised a whopping £167,341 in pledges. Thanks to everyone who backed it! If you missed it, you can still pre-order at the Kickstarter pledge levels through our dedicated pre-order store page, here.

We’re hoping to release The Yellow King RPG in 2018, but while you wait, we’ve got some GUMSHOE One-2-One goodness available this month, in the form of The House Up in the Hills, the first PDF adventure for Cthulhu Confidential. And, we’ve got the Cthulhu Confidential core book available in PDF format this month, too. The pre-order for Cthulhu City, our paranoid, creepy, Mythos-flooded urban setting for Trail of Cthulhu, is also still available, as is the the pre-order for the 13th Age Bestiary 2. And we’ve still got a few remaining copies of the limited edition versions of Eyes of the Stone Thief. Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan has individually hand-signed each one, in his own inimitable style.

New Releases


13th Age

      • 13th Sage: Bestiary Background – Cat, Ghoul, Hydra – Rob Heinsoo on the origin stories of some 13th Age Bestiary 2  monsters
      • The Terroir of the Demons – Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan gives site-specific power tables for 13th Age hellholes
      • Manufacturing a Monster: Printing the Bestiary 2 – Videos and images from our printers as they capture the monsters of the 13th Age Bestiary 2 on paper
      • 13th Age Character Builds. In this series by ASH LAW, we feature two different builds for every 13th Age character class, at all levels. ASH suggests how the builds might be used, and offers tips on playing each character. Stats are based on the point-buy method, and the characters have no non-standard elements.

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11 Responses to “See Page XX – July 2017”

  1. Kevin says:

    1930s/Pre-WWII Pulp adventures

  2. Could I just vote for all of them. Cyberpunk is the least interesting to me, but give me an interesting setting and I’m game.

  3. Michael S says:

    Samurai mysteries or medieval Chinese detective mysteries.

  4. Mike says:

    Some other interesting genres:
    1. High seas adventure / pirates
    2. Victorian-era sleuthing (Holmesian) with supernatural influences
    3. Medieval sleuthing, eg: Name of the Rose; Brother Cadfael; etc

  5. Edgar says:

    I voted “other.” I would like to see if Gumshoe could do space exploration–near future or far future. (As opposed to Ashen Stars, which looks great, but appear to be more along the lines of “Cops in Space.”

  6. George says:

    +1 for Jidaigeki Gumshoe and Chinese detective mysteries (with martial-arts related investigative abilities i.e. determining a practitioner’s expertise from his/her gait, or determining the lineage of a mysterious martial arts style).

    +1 for Medieval sleuthing also.

    I voted for Heroic Fantasy, as I’d like to see a treatise on Fantasy Gumshoe.
    It’s not even in the top 3, I was really hoping there would be more demand for it.

    As a plan B, I might head to the forum to check if anyone has done a conversion of Lorefinder to 5th edition D&D. In one of Robin’s articles, he’d mentioned that his view was that GUMSHOE is not a natural bedfellow of systems that feature player narrative control. For that reason I’m guessing 5th ed might work better than 13th Age, in terms of incorporating Lorefinder rules.

  7. David Creuze says:

    What about cyberpunk in the near future with AIs? :P

  8. SunlessNick says:

    Several of these interest me, though I voted Regency.

    Near future with AI’s sounds cool – how near are we talking, though? Person of Interest level, or a bit further on?

    Cyberpunk would only interest me if the setting was something like GURPS Transhuman Space (but then it would).

    Weird Fantasy sounds especially good for Gumshoe 1-1.

    The reason I voted Regency is because there are several things I could be interested in from it. An alternative era for Trail of Ctulhu, a Gothic Romance game, it’s a period of rampant crime and advancing science which is good for mysteries, and then there’s Regency Romances (which might be better for dramasystem than Gumshoe?).

  9. Greg Oakes says:

    For my part, I like the idea of near future dystopian post environmental collapse. Paolo Bacigalupi’s Wind Up Girl is the obvious touchstone, which has picked up the label of Biopunk (!).

    From a Weird Fantasy perspective I can see Gumshoe working in China Mieville’s Perdido Street Station..

    I also like the idea of the Chinese detective, though my preference would be later than medieval…

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