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This month, you may have spotted that Pelgranistas Ken and Robin have released a Patreon campaign for their award-winning podcast, Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff. You can contribute to their campaign here. The second installment of the 13th Age Monthly subscription soars into its own with issue two, the beautifully illustrated PhoenixKWAS subscribers now have the March edition, Unspeakable Cults: The Starry Wisdom available to download from their bookshelf; the February edition, Bast, is now on sale in the store.

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Resource Page Updates

      • Night’s Black Agents Action Cards, in English and German, and a German translation of the Advice to Players from (S)Entries – thanks to Tim Charzinski
      • Night’s Black Agents (Dracula Dossier), Repeat and Refer Suspyramids for Edom and Repeat and Refer Suspyramids for Dracula
      • Trail of Cthulhu condensed rules now available in Korean, thanks to W.W.

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4 Responses to “See Page XX – February 2016”

  1. Lisa Padol says:

    All of these are good, and the ones I didn’t select aren’t unimportant — just less important than the ones I did select.

    Other things include:
    Coherence: I need to understand what’s going on.
    Usability: I need to find what I need Right Now quickly.
    Not sure what to call this one. It frustrates me when it isn’t there, when players poke at something and it falls to pieces. Believability? Workability? If a player can say, “What about X?” and X is actually important and not covered or is something that a PC can easily do to cut the floor out from under an adventure, ending it five minutes after it started — without being a jerk, you understand. I’m not talking failure to buy in to the premise — then we have a problem. So, what I want is the opposite of that.

  2. Scott says:

    One of things that attracted me to Night’s Black Agents at first was when playing Excess Baggage, the premade agents were incredibility detailed. With existing detailed relationships with each other, it was so easy to jump into the game and know who you were and each other player was.

  3. Eric Brennan says:

    I really like NPC descriptions that are segregated Armitage Files/Dracula Dossier-style where the NPC is Normal/Clued-In/Sinister.

  4. committed hero says:

    In line with Eric, NPC motivations & connections. I guess that’s the influence of The Armitage Files/Dracula Dossier on me, too.

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