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A slightly late April See Page XX, due in part to the May bank holiday, and our traditional dance around the yule log to ensure we have 40 days of summer; and in part because we’ve been so busy working on some seriously exciting new releases for our GUMSHOE 10th anniversary year. You can sample some of these new releases in this months’ playtesting, with new Cthulhu Confidential protagonists and the Fear Itself 2nd Edition core book adventure available to try.

New Releases

      • The Many Deaths of Edward Bigsby – Who is Edward Bigsby, and why does he keep dying? Find out in this one-shot adventure for Trail of Cthulhu by Adam Gauntlett
      • Coin Tricks – Give those monster-guarded piles of coins a fun twist with ghoul-stamped currency, hellhole gold, coin zombies, and more in the new edition of 13th Age Monthly!
      • Seven Wonders PDF – Our anthology of story games, now available in electronic format (includes PDF, EPUB and MOBI).


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5 Responses to “See Page XX – April 2016”

  1. Lisa Padol says:

    More than one answer on that poll applies.

    • Rich Green says:

      Totally agree. I have the ToC and Pathfinder rules on my iPad and use them to look stuff up during the game, plus have my adventure notes in Evernote. But having tablets/iPhones at the table makes it tempting for players to check email, surf the web etc and this can become a big distraction.

    • Myles Corcoran says:

      Agreed. Depending on the game and the GM tablet/chromebook use varies on our game nights. One player is always checking something on his chromebook, while other players may or may not be distracted by the shiny. In some games we have to reference rules, notes or scenario details on a tablet or phone. I guess the answer is ‘it depends’.

    • Benj Davis says:

      A mixed answer for me too. In the game I’m currently playing in, our GM uses a tablet/laptop for notes, some of the players use tablets to reference the rules, some players use their phones to look things up that are pertinent and some use their phones for things that are unrelated to the game. Sometimes, that’s okay, sometimes, it’s an unwelcome distraction.

  2. Niclas Matikainen says:

    I clicked “no” because that represents my regular group.

    I have however played in one group where the rules were only available on a tablet. Felt like a handy tool.

    On the other hand, in the same group there was a player who got lost in his own tablet on several occassions. That was not all that handy…

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