RMS Titanic: The Millionaire’s Special

First Class on the Titanic is exciting in itself but when you are invited to a private viewing of one of the world’s great curiosities, you jump at the chance. The mummy of Hettunaway, Priestess of Amun-Ra, the Unlucky Mummy is being shipped to New York and donated to the Metropolitan Museum of Art by its owner, Jefferson Shaw. Legend has it that those who look upon her face are doomed. Jefferson Shaw’s intentions are not as philanthropic as they seem. Strange rituals, a device to contact spirits and the awakening of something he cannot control.

The Titanic is on a collision course with an iceberg but will it be the icy water that kills you or the ancient force, finally unleashed?

The Millionaire’s Special is a short adventure for Trail of Cthulhu by Adam Gauntlett (Not So Quiet, Hell Fire, Flying Coffins). This is to celebrate the centenary year of the Titanic’s tragic sinking.

RMS Titanic: The Millionaire’s Special has now been published alongside The Repairer of Reputations, Flying Coffins, Many Fires, and Hell Fire, in the Out of Space anthology, available now in our webstore.

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  1. […] Product Name: RMS Titanic: The Millionaire’s Special Publisher: Pelgrane Press Author: Adam Gauntlett System: Gumshoe Setting: Trail of Cthulhu, Cthulhu Mythos Series: Theme: Modern Horror, Investigation Type: Adventure Release: PDF Available: Link: http://www.pelgranepress.com/?p=7857 […]

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  3. […] The Millionaire’s Special (PDF only) […]

  4. Laye says:

    I’m interested by this scenari .
    How can i have it ?
    Thank you
    Aurélien Laye

  5. Laye says:

    I’m interested by thaïs scenary,
    (HMS Titanic)
    How can i have it on PDF version ?
    Thank you.
    Aurélien laye

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