Owl Hoot Trail

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“You wanna shoot me, Marshal? You ain’t fast enough, and my posse has a pyromaniac gadgeteer who’s already aiming at ya. You ain’t got the grit. You want me, I’ll be traveling the owl-hoot trail.”

– Calabash Twigg, orcish outlaw, part-time bounty hunter and a very bad man

To ride the owl-hoot trail: to take up as an outlaw.

– American Old West idiom

Owl Hoot Trail is a gritty Clint Eastwood western, set in a hostile fantasy world where half’in gunslingers ride out with shee scouts and hill folk preachers to escape the law, where mentalists cheat you at poker and gadgeteers build gizmos to keep undead off the range. Shee and half’ins and hill folk might exist in this world, but bullets hurt – hard. And there’s a whole range of monsters roaming the lonesome prairie, just waiting for a tasty morsel like you to cross their path.

Half rules book, half adventure, Owl Hoot Trail showcases the adventure They Rode To Perdition, a multi-part mystery and starting campaign setting that’s centered on the little town of Perdition. With as close to an epic storyline as you’ll find in a western setting, the PCs can change Perdition for good with their actions.

Using slimmed-down game mechanics you already know, the Old West of your imagination just got a lot more dangerous.

Stock #: PELW01 Author: Clinton R. Nixon, Kevin Kulp
Artist: Rich Longmore Pages: 136pg Perfect Bound

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7 Responses to “Owl Hoot Trail”

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  2. Pamar says:

    Just one question: you say “Using slimmed-down game mechanics you already know” but it’s not exactly clear (to me at least) what rule system this is based on.

    Can you explain please? Is it D20? Something else?


  3. Michael says:

    Are there any plans to put the OHT PDF on Drivethrurpg.com?

  4. James Stryker says:

    Rule question
    Under Gunfighter Dueks (p. 48) it states
    “All shots fired by a duelist during the first round of combat are automatically considered critical hits.. ”
    Does this mean no to hit roll is needed?

    • Colleen Riley says:

      The text is poorly worded. It should be “All successful attacks by a duelist during the first round of combat are automatically considered critical hits.”

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