Not So Quiet

coverNSQThumbnailIt’s no longer quiet on the Western Front. An ancient horror is stirring and something dark walks the halls of Hospital Number Five.

Bullet-ridden, bruised and bloody, the Investigators, soldiers and nurses in the Great War, are brought from the fontline to Military Hospital Number Five.

Haggard staff make their rounds, the doctors experiment after dark with electro-shock therapy, gaunt nurses give unlabelled and unknown drugs. Patients are dying by the dozen when they once seemed to be on the road to recovery. Something is wrong.

Once the haze of morphine clears, it does not take long for the Investigators to realise that a malevolence hangs over this hospital. They must overcome forces beyond human comprehension to save the pitiful few they can. Some, however, may not want to be saved.

The Investigators will quickly discover that there are worse things in this life than a bullet wound.

Not So Quiet is by Adam Gauntlett (Hell FireNot So Quiet, RMS Titantic: The Millionaire’s Special, Flying Coffins) and has now been published alongside The Big Hoodoo, Castle Bravo, and The Black Drop in the Out of Time anthology, available in our webstore.

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