March playtesting

Dice imagePlease email for instructions on how to take part in this month’s playtest!


Title: The Borellus Connection

System: The Fall of DELTA GREEN

Author: Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan

Deadline: April 30th 2019

Number of sessions: 2-3 per adventure



The Borellus Connection is a campaign for Fall of Delta Green, using the heroin trade and the United States Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs as a narrative spine. The campaign runs from South-East Asia to the Middle East to Europe, as the Agents uncover the sinister machinations of a necromantic cult.

  • Operation JADE PHOENIX (North-Eastern Burma): The CIA wants the Chinese-backed Shan warlord Li Bao Lung assassinated, and the Agents are tasked to escort a Marine sniper, Sergeant Adolph Lepus, to Li’s headquarters in the Wa state of northeast Burma, with orders to eliminate Li and return with proof of Li’s (and therefore Peking’s involvement in the opium trade. DELTA GREEN has identified one of Li’s advisers, Ming Yuan, as a Kuen-Yuin sorcerer; Li’s compound is a target-rich environment. The team must travel into Burma, avoiding detection en route, and penetrate the defences around Li’s compound to ensure Lepus has a clear shot on both targets.
  • Operation HORUS HOURS (Hong Kong to Los Angeles, by air): Clues uncovered during ALONSO point to the existence of a heroin smuggling route running from Hong Kong to Los Angeles. The Agents have to hastily follow the couriers on the trans-Pacific flight via numerous stops and layovers, watching for the critical moment of the handover.
  • Operation DE PROFUNDIS (Bozuktepe, Turkey): Using a BNDD investigation into opium smuggling as cover, DELTA GREEN sends the Agents to investigate the suicide and disappearance of archaeologist Charles Whiteman. He was excavating a ceremonial site at Bozuktepe before mysteriously killing himself; his body vanished en route back to England. What did he bring up from the depths before he died?
  • Operation SECOND LOOK (Beirut, Lebanon): The Agents are sent in to surveil another drug deal and gather evidence; this time, an unreliable DELTA GREEN informant, Francois Genoud, is in the mix, and the Agents are ordered to remind him where his loyalties lie – but there’s more at stake here than they know, as sinister powers make a second attempt to uncover secrets of the Mythos…
  • Operation PURITAN (Munich, Germany to Prague, Czechoslovakia): The Agents follow Unione Corse heroin shipments into Munich, but while there, another DELTA GREEN case officer tasks them to investigate unnatural contamination of the CIA’s QK-ACTIVE propaganda broadcasts into the Soviet Union. Who is broadcasting elements of the Necronomicon from a CIA-backed radio station? Finding the truth sends the Agents on a desperate race into Prague.
  • Operation MISTRAL (Marseille, France): During the May ’68 riots, the Agents are sent to Marseille to investigate gang conflicts – and possible Unnatural activity in the troubled city.

6 Responses to “March playtesting”

  1. Stephen J. Vandevander says:

    Dear Ms. Tobin,
    We’ll do it! Love to do it! We’ve always loved playtesting for you guys, although I guess it’s been a couple years. Time to get back in the swing!
    Do you need anyone else for PURITAN? JADE PHOENIX?

    How about Sword of the Serpentine? The Poison Tree? Book of the New Jerusalem?
    We’re HERE for you!

    Ana, Trevor, Alex, Chloe, and Stephen Vandevander

  2. Jamie Twine says:

    Hello I’d just to like to put my name forward to volunteer for this. Don’t know if you need any extra info but I have run Trail, Bookhounds, FoDG (including and am soon to run Dreamhounds. As a huge fan of Cthulhu, Noir, James Ellroy and 20th century US political history FoDG is my perfect game world, I’m a huge admirer of it.



  3. Brett Miller says:

    We have a group of avid Fall of Delta Green players here in Wellington, New Zealand. We’d love to playtest Borellus Connection. We’ve run the sample scenario and On a Bank, by Moonlight, both of which have worked really well. Can’t wait to see what a full blown campaign feels like!


    • Becky Smith says:

      Hi Brett. This playtest was conducted in April 2019, so this has been completed now. Please keep an eye on the website and See Page XX for further playtesting opportunities. Thanks, Becky.

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