Lions & Tigers & Owlbears: The 13th Age Bestiary 2

Fallen icons, apocalyptic fire giants, and a purple dragon who throws the best parties: welcome to 13th Age Bestiary 2!

We had so much fun with the first 13th Age Bestiary that we’re making an even bigger monster book! More than 250 individual stat blocks appear in 40+ all-new entries, plus a dozen revised and expanded monsters that first appeared in 13th Age Monthly. Each monster comes with story hooks, icon relationships, customizable campaign variants, and advice on creating exciting battles.

New monsters for your campaign include:

  • Fallen icons like the Gold King and the Forest that Walks, powerful beings who must be defeated by a blend of swords, spells, and campaign victories.
  • A wizard bonded to their spellbook, a rogue bonded to their magic cloak, and other former heroes who took shortcuts to power by merging with their magic items.
  • The Lich King’s covert undead propaganda force: the Cult of the Silver Hand.
  • Fomorians, monstrous worshipers and children of the ancient chaos gods (fomorian art by Ania Kryczkowska).
  • Rattletales, dangerous spirits who will probably leave you alone if you can tell them a truly scary story (ideally, one about rattletales).
  • Malatyne, the purple dragon whose entertainments are legendary—and the player characters might be the main attraction…
  • Lions (temple); tigers (elemental & rakshasa); and owlbears (plumed).

Coming in the fall of 2017.

Lead Designers: Rob Heinsoo, ASH LAW

Developer: Rob Heinsoo

Art Direction: Rob Heinsoo, Cathriona Tobin

Interior Art: Rich Longmore, Ania Kryczkowska, Aaron McConnell, Lee Moyer, Patricia Smith, Naomi VanDoren

Authors: Liz Argall, Paul Fanning, Jaym Gates, Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan, Lynne Hardy, Rob Heinsoo, ASH LAW, Cal Moore, Carrie Rasmussen-Law, Wade Rockett, Aaron Roudabush, Michael E. Shea, Ruth Tillman, Jonathan Tweet, Steven Warzeha, Emily Westfall

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  1. Blue says:

    Just finish already and take my money. The first one was so good that all you to say about Bestiary 2 was “May contain pages”. But this tease makes me want it now now now.

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