Kroma Draconics

Kroma Draconics_350Start with anthropology fieldwork among the redscale barbarians of the Red Wastes. No, cancel that: the redscale dragonics ate the researchers. Restart with a dig into the myths and aspirations of dragonics influenced by chromatic dragons and the Three. The dig is dicey, but we expect to find monster stats, hierarchy options, adventure hooks, and player character options including feats, talents, and maneuvers.

Kroma Draconics is the ninth installment of the 13th Age Monthly subscription. It will be available to buy in the webstore in October. When you subscribe to 13th Age Monthly, you will get all issues of the subscription to date.


Stock #: PEL13AM10D Author: Rob Heinsoo, Cal Moore
Artist: Rich Longmore Type: 10-page PDF

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