Free RPG Day 2017 – Swords Against Owlbears/Font of Knowledge flipbook

Download our Free RPG Day 2017 offering – a 13th Age/TimeWatch double adventure!

Download the adventure PDF here

13th Age – Swords Against Owlbears

Where do owlbears come from? A wizard did it.

Still does it, in fact. Her name is the Maker of Many. Her experiments push the boundaries of life and death, of madness and reason, of art and hideous biological abomination – and the player characters are trapped in her dungeon, the Twisting Gardens.

Swords Against Owlbears is a quick-start adventure for 13th Age, the d20 fantasy game of battle, treasure and epic story telling. Grab a pregenerated 6th character, decide your One Unique Thing, and get ready to fight for your life!

TimeWatch – Font of Knowledge

Time-traveling saboteurs just snuffed out all human life with – Comic Sans? You’re a member of TimeWatch, an elite organization of time cops who keep history safe. Find out what happened, track clues forwards and backwards in time, and save true history from those who try to erase it – like the hyperintelligent AI BREEN, which has distributed itself throughout time. Good luck, Agent. Everyone – and we mean everyone – is counting on you.

This scenario for up to six players is an introduction to TimeWatch – the GUMSHOE game of investigative time travel. Pregenerated Agents and handouts are included to launch the players into the mystery.

While the PDF has been updated, there were some errors with the printed Free RPG Day book. You can download the 13th Age errata for the print book here, and download the TimeWatch errata here.


In the print version (and original published PDF) of Swords Against Owlbears, Vortimbrax the Overmind’s second attack is incorrect. It should read:

C: Psychic Burst +12 vs MD (any targets engaged with Vortimbrax) – 15 damage, and all targets are Dazed (-4 to attacks, save ends). Limited Use – 1/battle

Stock #: PEL13AT01
Author: Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan, Kevin Kulp
Artist: Rich Longmore, Gillian Pearce Pages: 48-page PDF


6 Responses to “Free RPG Day 2017 – Swords Against Owlbears/Font of Knowledge flipbook”

  1. Guillaume says:

    I’ve seen free rpg day website and no retailer in France participate in that event. Is it possible to have this book in other ways?

  2. Jason Riley says:

    How long should it take to run Swords Against Owlbears for completely new players?

    • Alex Roberts says:

      We run it in 4-hour slots at conventions, where we’re never sure what the experience level of the players will be, so that should give you a good estimate.

  3. Jeff Croff says:

    Is there any chance to get the Swords Against Owlbears PDF to run tomorrow?

    • Alex Roberts says:

      We’re working on a PDF release for sometime in the future. Our Gen Con GMs will all get a copy, but other than that is undecided.

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