Swords Against the Dead/The Van Helsing Letter flipbook

Free RPG Day 2016 front cover_350Released on Free RPG Day 2016 – now available to download here.

The Dracula Dossier – The Van Helsing Letter

Just before he vanished, Abraham Van Helsing – doctor of medicine, doctor of law, and secret vampire hunter – wrote one last letter hinting at an unsolved case. Now, more than a century later, that letter is in your hands. But what is a hundred years to an immortal? The contents of that letter are as important – and as explosive – to the secret conspiracies of the vampires as they ever were.

Now it’s up to you to complete Van Helsing’s last mission. Can you help Dracula’s oldest enemy strike back from beyond the grave?

This scenario for up to six players is an introduction to both Night’s Black Agents – the GUMSHOE game of burned spies vs vampires – and the improvisational, player-driven investigative style of the epic Dracula Dossier campaign. Pregenerated Agents and handouts are included to launch the players into the mystery.

13th Age – Swords Against the Dead

You suffer the rudest of awakenings when zombies crash through the walls of the inn, and battle is joined. But where do these shambling menaces arise – the misnamed Isle of Sanctuary, the strangely silent tower of Xuthana, or the Cliff Graves of the Demon Coast? And who or what raised this army of restless undead?

Swords Against the Dead is a quick-start adventure for 13th Age, the d20 fantasy game of battle, treasure and epic story telling. Grab a pregenerated character, decide your One Unique Thing, and get ready to fight for your life!

If you missed out on Free RPG Day, this double dose of adventure is available as a bonus PDF here.


Stock #: PEL13AN02
Author: Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan
Artist: Victor Leza, Miguel Santos Pages: 40-page PDF


13 Responses to “Swords Against the Dead/The Van Helsing Letter flipbook”

  1. NC_Gamer says:

    Maybe a dumb question but for those of us running a game at free RPG day, is there a way to get a copy in advance?

  2. Damon Wilson says:

    Will this be offered as a PDF for 13th Age subscription holders like last year, and if so, when will it be released? If not, how can a PDF copy be acquired from Pelgrane Press?

    Thanks in Advance,

    Damon Wilson

  3. gazz says:

    Will The Van Helsing Letter be available for sale at a future date?

  4. Robert Biddle says:

    My FLGS ran out of this within 20m (which is awesome to see such interest).

    Unfortunately, I didn’t get there until after they were gone. Any chance the will be a PDF release as well?

  5. Dave says:

    I was terribly excited to see this, but my FLGS didn’t have any copies when I went there just now. :(

    Is there any way to get my hands on the pdf, or order a hard-copy?


  6. Eric says:

    Will this be available in a digital format?

  7. Cat Tobin says:

    We’ll be making it available to Dracula Dossier Kickstarter backers, and 13th Age Monthly subscribers, but it won’t be available for sale.

    • Dave says:

      D’oh! I’ve got the Dracula Dossier Starter Kit bundle, but, unfortunately, hadn’t heard of the Kickstarter until long after it was over. I understand wanting to nice things for the Kickstarter backers that make a thing possible, but it’s a shame that other fans are left out. :(

    • Phil Francis says:

      Hi Cat,

      I am a DD backer but I can’t see this in my Pelgrane account downloads list? Am I looking in the wrong place?

  8. hauguel says:

    I am a lucky Dracula Dossier Kickstarter backer: when will it be available for us? Quite impatient to read it and moreover play it!
    Thanks in advance.

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