Free Downloads and Resources for Cthulhu Confidential


GUMSHOE One-2-One, Playtest Feedback, and Acceptable Enjoyment Parameters – Robin D. Laws on incorporating playtest feedback into One-2-One

What’s Changed in GUMSHOE One-2-One – Robin D. Laws on the differences between regular GUMSHOE and One-2-One

Mo Mythos Creatures. Mo Mythos Problem – Robin D. Laws provides some free-floating Problem cards that might stem from Challenges involving various classic Mythos creatures

See Page XX: Our Mythos Creature Problems Continue – the second part of ‘Mo Mythos Creatures. Mo Mythos Problems’ with further Problem cards.


Download “The Red Mist”, an adventure for Cthulhu Confidential, featuring bookhound Phyllis Oakely

Download “A Cable’s Length From Shore”, an adventure for Cthulhu Confidential, featuring bookhound Phyllis Oakely

Download the Cthulhu Confidential blank character card (PDF)

Download the Cthulhu Confidential form-fillable blank character card (PDF)

Download the Dexter Raymond character card (PDF)

Download the Vivian Sinclair character card (PDF)

Download the Langston Montgomery Wright character card (PDF)

Download generic Edge cards

Download an Edge card template

Download generic Problem cards

Download a Problem card template


A review of Cthulhu Confidential from

A review of Ctrhulhu Confidential from

A review of Cthulhu Confidential from

Actual Play Recordings

Watch an Actual Play of “The Fathomless Sleep”, a Dex Raymond adventure for Cthulhu Confidential, with Robin D. Laws and Marty Jopson

Watch a rules introduction and Actual Play of “The Fathomless Sleep” with Brian Ballsun-Stanton and guest GM Magician

Listen to “The Game, The GM, and The Private Eye,” featuring Kurt and Joe from Adventures From The Shed

Listen to “The Fathomless Sleep,” hosted by YouTube user Dr. Muñoz

14 Responses to “Free Downloads and Resources for Cthulhu Confidential”

  1. Lisa Padol says:

    What city is “The Red Mist” set in, or is that deliberately left open? (Or did I miss the answer in my first, very quick skim?)

  2. Perry Tatman says:

    Is there any chance of creating a blank Problem and Edge template?

    This would be so handy

  3. Chris McLaren says:

    In “The Red Mist”, the scene diagram and some of the scenes refer to a scene entitled “Bull Dreams”, which doesn’t appear to be in the document. Have I been affected by the red mists, or is something missing here?

  4. Johann Tor says:

    Is there some quick way to translate these Problem and Edges pdfs to cropped images for use in Google Photos as Robin recommends in the book?

  5. Jean-Laurent says:

    Hi. May you please add the pdf of the characters sheets and bacground of the three characters describe in the book (Dex Raymond, Vivian Sinclair and Langston Wright) ? Thank you.

    • Colleen Riley says:

      The protagonist character sheets are available as full-page sheets at the end of the Cthulhu Confidential PDF. Please refer to the section about PDFs here if you have any questions about accessing PDFs.

  6. Igor says:

    Can anyone tell me where do I find missing page 8 content. I have only physical copy of the book and this is my first contact with GUMSHOE so I’d like to read complete text and my searching skill failed while I was looking for this text.

    Great game btw. I am going to buy Night’s Black Agents one-2-one.

    Best regards to the whole team. :)

  7. Hector Trelane says:

    Question to Cthulu Confidential players/Keepers: In which order do you recommend playing these two sample adventures, both featuring Phllyis Oakley, Bookhound [of London]: The Red Mist and A Cable’s Length from Shore? Does it matter?

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