Fire & Faith: Battle Scenes for Four Icons Map Folio

Bring your battles to life!

The Fire and Faith Map Folio brings you 36 maps from Fire and Faith – Battle Scenes for Four Icons, in glorious full color by expert cartographers! This folio includes:

The Map Folio includes:

  • Player-facing maps for exciting battles in a hellhole, a diabolic circus, a dragon’s dreamscape, and more
  • GM-only versions of each map with the encounter title, Fire and Faith page references, monster positions, and hidden terrain features
  • A full index so you can easily cross-reference the maps with scenes in Fire and Faith

Why run a toe-to-toe when you can make the PCs avoid swinging acrobatic assassins, face ogre monks in a dojo, or jump from boulder to boulder on a cloud island ? Get the Fire and Faith Map Folio—and make your players, sadder, wiser, but way more awesome.


Stock #: PEL13A13M Author: Cal Moore
Design and Layout: 
Developer: Rob Heinsoo
Cartographers: Lea Evans, Gill Pearce. Ralf Schemmann, Christina Trani
Type: 36 double-sided maps

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