Dreamhounds of Paris

350_Dreamhounds_of_Paris_coverFollow the Trail of Cthulhu into the Dreamlands

From the 1920s to the coming of the Occupation, a new breed of artist prowled the fabled streets of Paris. Combative, disrespectful, irresponsible, the surrealists broke aesthetic conventions, moral boundaries—and sometimes, arms. They sought nothing less than to change humanity by means of a worldwide psychic revolution. Their names resound through pop culture and the annals of art history.

But until now, no one has revealed what they were really up to.

In this comprehensive campaign guide for Trail of Cthulhu, you recreate their mundane and mystical adventures as you stumble onto the Dreamlands, a fantastical realm found far beyond the wall of sleep. At first by happenstance and later by implacable design, you remake it in the fiery image of your own art. Will you save the world, or destroy it?

Choose your player character from a roster of 19 visionaries and madmen.

      • Put up your dukes as two-fisted filmmaker LUIS BUÑUEL.
      • Flee a formless entity as Dada impresario TRISTAN TZARA.
      • Photograph tentacled entities as American expat MAN RAY.
      • Personify the joy and decadence of the city as chanteuse KIKI DE MONTPARNASSE.
      • Wield the magic cane that will end the world as theater of cruelty inventor ANTONIN ARTAUD.
      • Or arrive in Paris as fresh-faced young painter SALVADOR DALÍ, who has come to tear the movement all down and rebuild it in his image.

The Dreamlands are as strange as you can imagine.

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Dreamhounds of Paris is also available as a faux-leatherbound limited edition with bookplate signed by the authors, available now while stocks last!

Stock #: PELGT38 Pages: 160
Artists: Tyler Clark, Ben Felten, Emilien Francois, Melissa Gay, Jérôme Huguenin, Leah Huete, Rachel A. Kahn, Anna Kryczkowska, David Lewis Johnson, Pat Loboyko, Rich Longmore, Jeff Porter, Patricia Smith, Jeff Strand Authors: Robin D. Laws, Kenneth Hite, Steve Dempsey



29 Responses to “Dreamhounds of Paris”

  1. Dave says:

    I’m really looking forward to this book.

  2. James Haughton says:

    I’m moving to Paris in November, so hurry up!

  3. Hugh says:

    I’m very excited to get this too; visions of games like “Céline et Julie vont en bateau – Phantom Ladies Over Paris” (1974).

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  5. Fred Herman says:

    Man, if only this had Call of Cthulhu 7e conversion stats.

  6. Pieclone says:

    Looks very interesting – I might take a dérive through this when it comes about…

  7. NeoTiamat says:

    Any news on this? It’s been in development for years now.

  8. Ben. says:

    Still in art direction and copyediting, or maybe off to layout? The new post has me curious. :)

  9. PM says:

    Just a question.
    The text of DoP mentions (p.59) character sheets for the various surrealists which are available on the website or in the zip package if youo buy pdf.
    I can’t seem to find those on the site (but maybe not checking the right page ?) neither in the zip ?

    • Simon Rogers says:

      Hi, we’ve added these to your receipt page now.

      • PM says:

        Don’t appear there (only he two books with same archives files).
        No hurry though, I’ll have to have a big refresher course on surrealists inner history I had never really dug into before using those :-)
        The question was more because they were explicitly mentioned in the book.

  10. PM says:

    Oh and just for the record (for possible french reading interested parties)

  11. […] other news, Dreamhounds of Paris is now available for pre-order.  […]

  12. Darren Hennessey says:

    Does anyone know when the preorder is expected to ship?

  13. Gary Mooreb says:

    Then much joy shall be had in the eldritch depths of the Moore household, but now we wait for a visitation from that red garbed fiend of horror known only as…..”postman”

  14. Michael Foight says:


    I recently purchased Dreamhound and Ants and would like to view the pdf character sheets, listed as being available on the website but cannot located them. Another party has asked the same question on the forum but still no answer! PM also asked about this upthread.

    Thank you.

  15. John Potts says:

    I created some character sheets with photos and the stats from the books. Here is a link to them on my dropbox account: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/6813395/Dreamhounds%20of%20Paris%20Character%20Sheets.zip

  16. Michael Foight says:

    Thank you John! Wonderful work – thank you for your labour in giving back.

  17. GMTigr says:

    Currently voting for ENnies. Contrary to ALL other entries in “Art, interior”, this one doesn’t seem to offer any internal preview. I will therefore not be able to vote for it, as I can’t take a peek inside. I’m sorry for this, it sounds like a very interesting book!

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  19. Stefan says:

    Wich artist have done the splendid Picture on page 84 and can i find it online?

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