Dracula Dossier: The Hawkins Papers

Goetic-org-chart-texture_350The original 1894 Operation Edom brief, key memos, secret military maps of Transylvania, précis of reports from Balkan battlefronts and German academies alike,  and plans for the next century’s battle for control of the Un-Dead — these are the Hawkins Papers.


The handouts that make up the Hawkins Papers are as improvisational as the rest of the Dracula Dossier campaign. Drop them into your game as needed, and let the players decide how to interpret them and what conclusions to draw. Maps, reports, private correspondence, newspaper columns, business cards, and period photographs add historic flavour, and modern-day realism, to your Dracula Dossier campaign.10 - 1893_4 - Quake Clippings Montage_400

The Hawkins Papers also includes The Hawkins Annex – for the Director’s eyes only, this invaluable reference lists a description of each of the more than 30 handouts. It suggests likely places for the Agents to find the handout, as well as a Director-friendly breakdown of what clues are available in the handout, pointers to entries in the Director’s Handbook, and other people or groups that could be associated with the document.


Stock #: PELGN10D Author: Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan, Kenneth Hite
Artist: Dean Engelhardt
Pages: 89pg PDF


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6 Responses to “Dracula Dossier: The Hawkins Papers”

  1. Dan Alfaro says:

    Hi friends of Pelgrane,
    Any chance of having the Hawkins Papers in phisical format for non-bakers?

    • Cat Tobin says:

      I’m afraid not, Dan – the physical versions were for Kickstarter backers only.

      • Dan Alfaro says:

        Thanks much for the answer, Cat.
        Too sad, but I will print my own versions (translated to spanish). It´s really great to have the transcriptions included in the digital version (I don´t have any trouble with English, but my players do).

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