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  • Download the Night’s Black Agents Dracula Dossier character sheet here
  • Download a Blank Conspyramid
  • Download Perveniet Calix, a Dracula Dossier Series Pitch by Ryan Macklin
  • Download the Dracula Dossier theme tune by James Semple
  • Download a cross-referenced PDF of nodes, characters, and places in the Director’s Handbook, by Rickard Gudbrand
  • Download a Director’s Screen, by Ben Riggs
  • Download the Scapple and XML files for datavisualising the Dracula Dossier here
  • Download an Edom Suspyramid (Repeat) and Edom Suspyramid (Refer) by Nick Ingham
  • Download a Dracula Suspyramid (Repeat) and Dracula Suspyramid (Refer) by Nick Ingham


  • The Free RPG Day adventure Swords Against the Dead/The Van Helsing Letter now available for download.

Character Sheets


Things that were left out of the Dracula Dossier due to lack of room


Fan-created extras

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12 Responses to “Dracula Dossier Resources”

  1. Mr. Paint says:

    Shouldn’t “The Many Faces of Dracula” be listed here?

  2. Michael says:

    Still, no Harker Intrusion??? *sigh*

  3. […] and other topics. It’s coming to stores this week and the PDF is already out! Check out the free resources available for running Dracula […]

  4. PM says:

    Hi. For the record, the theme tune archive is corrupted. It opens but no extraction is possible (tested with Winrar and 7-zip).

  5. The Roach says:

    The blank conspyramid link gives a 404 File Not Found

  6. Agents who hunted Dracula throughout the h Century added their own notes to Stroker’s “dossier”, but no one has been able to close the coffin on his case.

  7. cpip says:

    I’m afraid I might be missing something — what’s the difference between the “Repeat” and “Refer” versions of the Suspyramids?

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