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  • Download the Night’s Black Agents Dracula Dossier character sheet here
  • Download a Blank Conspyramid
  • Download Perveniet Calix, a Dracula Dossier Series Pitch by Ryan Macklin
  • Download the Dracula Dossier theme tune by James Semple
  • Download a cross-referenced PDF of nodes, characters, and places in the Director’s Handbook, by Rickard Gudbrand
  • Download a Director’s Screen, by Ben Riggs
  • Download the Scapple and XML files for datavisualising the Dracula Dossier here
  • Download an Edom Suspyramid (Repeat) and Edom Suspyramid (Refer) by Nick Ingham
  • Download a Dracula Suspyramid (Repeat) and Dracula Suspyramid (Refer) by Nick Ingham


  • The Free RPG Day adventure Swords Against the Dead/The Van Helsing Letter now available for download.

Character Sheets


Things that were left out of the Dracula Dossier due to lack of room


Fan-created extras

Free previews

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13 Responses to “Dracula Dossier Resources”

  1. Mr. Paint says:

    Shouldn’t “The Many Faces of Dracula” be listed here?

  2. Michael says:

    Still, no Harker Intrusion??? *sigh*

  3. […] and other topics. It’s coming to stores this week and the PDF is already out! Check out the free resources available for running Dracula […]

  4. PM says:

    Hi. For the record, the theme tune archive is corrupted. It opens but no extraction is possible (tested with Winrar and 7-zip).

  5. The Roach says:

    The blank conspyramid link gives a 404 File Not Found

  6. Agents who hunted Dracula throughout the h Century added their own notes to Stroker’s “dossier”, but no one has been able to close the coffin on his case.

  7. cpip says:

    I’m afraid I might be missing something — what’s the difference between the “Repeat” and “Refer” versions of the Suspyramids?

    • Nick Ingham says:

      I know you asked this a long time ago, but just in case it’s still useful. Some entries on the suspyramids are identical to those in the general suspyramid in Double Tap. “Repeat” versions reproduce those entries, while “Refer” versions refer you back to the book.

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