Double Tap

Double Tap cover_reduced With all the Conspiracies, the intrigue, the danger, it’s hard to know what exactly is and isn’t on your side. When every shadow from the back alleys of Bucharest to the back benches of the parliament could hide an inhuman enemy, it’s hard to tell what solid ground you can stand on. What can you depend on? Can you make a difference? Trust no one and nothing except the silver bullets in your Glock. To make a difference, aim true.

Even then, sometimes that first shot isn’t a killer. Sometimes you need a double tap.

Double Tap: The Night’s Black Agents Expansion Book includes:

  • Sample clues, special spend benefits, and a model Tactical Fact-Finding Benefit for each Investigative ability, along with information, tips, and best practices from cloning a cell phone to hosting a seance to the slang of spycraft!
  • For the General abilities, lists of sample clues if they can be used investigatively and more key information and best practices. A new optional Mastery rule keeps your dice hot on every roll — plus over 25 new Cherries!
  • 20 new maneuvers, from Alibi to Thrown Clear by the Blast, plus 60 Achievements to add flavor, focus, and flexibility to your play.
  • Adaptive Tradecraft and the Cartagena Rules let you low-tech your way out of trouble — and high-action your way back into it!
  • More spytech for any mode, from custom face masks to RFID sniffers to jetpacks to EMP weapons — and the “Q Rule” for that laser watch you’ve always wanted!
  • Because you demanded it — a big list of guns, customized for 22 clandestine, military, and police groups from SEAL Team Six to the Swiss Guard. Plus eight Gun Cherries — never waste another 6! — and lots more gun gadgets from the CornerShot to UV-emitting bullets to net grenades!
  • New rules for adapting the acclaimed night’s black agents Thriller Chase rules to contests of hacking, sneaking, and tracking — plus Manhunt rules for agents hunting monstrous masterminds.
  • For Directors, 26 Cameos give you living, breathing NPCs complete with their own clues, and 26 Establishing Shots give you exciting settings to put them — and your agents — into.
  • Discover the horrific secrets of the chupa, the ekimmu, the homunculus, and the penanggalan — and recoil from the nosferatu, a complete vampire build straddling the line between biotech and blasphemy. A complete list of vampiric powers lets you build your own bloodsuckers faster than ever.
  • Finally, the Suspyramid models war within a Conspiracy, tips for solo-agent play let you lay on the Burn, and variant builds send your campaign to the Victorian Era, WWII, or the depths of the Cold War!

So consider this the next level, a higher pay grade and higher-than-double-0 clearance. It’s time to take the fight to the Conspiracy.

This time, it’s not just a headshot. Better go for the double tap.

Stock #: PELGN03 Author: Kenneth Hite, John Adamus, Will Hindmarch, Kevin Kulp, Christian Lindke, James Palmer, Will Plant & Rob Wieland
Artist: Alessandro Alaia, David Lewis Johnson, Phil Reeves Pages: 128pg Perfect Bound


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  1. Pieclone says:

    Pre-ordering now. Been very much looking forward to this. Next up, the Dracula duo.

  2. […] Black Agents, reviewed by me previously, is receiving its first rules expansion with Double Tap, which I will eagerly pickup prior to my Night’s Black Agents mini-campaign (using The […]

  3. […] Double Tap is an expansion book for Night’s Black Agents. It’s almost all “crunch”, offering a ton of extra bits and pieces for the rules; either new rules to complement the old ones, or expansions and suggestions for the base ruleset. We also get stuff like an expanded gun list, which some play groups will no doubt welcome since stuff like that can help build a “real-life spy/miltech” feel. On the other hand, since the rules don’t really need detail on the specifics of various guns, some groups will opt to ignore this. While most of the information here is geared for the general player-visible game ruleset, the GM also gets some nice and shiny toys: new vampire options, including some fun “pre-generated” vampire types, some NPCs, and expansions into the chase rules which expand them into hacking, sneaking and tracking expanded contests. It’s a fun idea, and probably quite useful in the game now and then. […]

  4. Megan says:

    Review posted at – another excellent book that belongs on the shelf next to your core rulebook.

  5. Olivier R says:

    An excellent piece of work, I absolutely love it. My favorite part (as a GM) are the locales and cameos, it’s a lot of help. Actually the whole content is great stuff.

    I’d like to see more “people and places” covered in the future (especially places, like “Mumbai” in KWAS).

    I also especially liked the “different eras” chapter. Actually it made me think of an “across-age” anti-vampire campaign (they’re at least as eternal as cthulian horrors). I’d especially like to see a “swashbuckling era” covered (think Three Musketeers vs Vampiric conspiracy). Maybe it could be used for different games (ie, ToC “pulp mode”, or the upcoming Timewatch), as a KWAS article?

    As for the tech (let’s face it, we can never have enough gadgets), it’d be great to have something to make the transition to the cyberpunk genre. Techno-thriller isn’t that far from cyberpunk… Having a “corporate conspiracy” (maybe run by vampires? or an IA as “vampire”?) would be nice…

    So I think there’s room for more variations for NBA, and another supplement (or KWAS articles) would be a great addition to the current line.

  6. […] yet: a couple of adventures, a supplement and the epic Dracula Dossier. The supplement however, Double Tap, is well worth purchasing. It’s basically everything that couldn’t fit into the main […]

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