Coin Tricks

Sorcerer Summoning_cover 350How can we make those monster-guarded piles of coins more interesting…?

There are few things a sword-and-spell-slinging adventurer loves more than a full coin purse — so why not take advantage of it? Coin Tricks by Rob Heinsoo and Lynne Hardy turns the one thing that all PCs will literally die to obtain into a rich source of plot hooks and monsters. It includes:

  • Coin zombies, who make up for their slowness by using adventurers’ greed to ensnare them.
  • Coins found in living dungeons that appear to be from alternate versions of the Empire.
  • Ghoul-stamped coins, the mutilated currency of the undead.
  • Rules for Tower Thump, the dwarves’ favorite coin-based drinking game.
  • Normal-seeming gold coins that are also bat-winged demons devoted to chaos and destruction.

Coin Tricks is the fourth installment of the second 13th Age Monthly subscription. You can buy it as a stand-alone PDF, or purchase the collected Volume 2 to get all 12 issues plus the 2016 Free RPG Day adventure Swords Against the Dead!

Stock #: PEL13AM18D Author: Rob Heinsoo, Lynne Hardy
Artist: Lee Moyer Type: 9-page PDF

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  1. Ralf Schemmann says:

    The April issue does not show up on my bookshelf yet. Should it be live?

  2. Ralf Schemmann says:

    Got it, thanks!

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