Battle Scenes – A World of Adventure!

Iconic Adventures!

The Battle Scenes series offers icon-themed adventures for the 13th Age, at all levels of play, packed with dangerous hand-picked foes on terrifying terrain.

All Battle Scenes books include:

    • Ideas on how to get the PCs into the story, and possible outcomes that result from their actions.
  •  Encounters that pit the PCs against NPCs and monsters that are linked to an icon.
  • Traps and terrain which make an exciting, challenging environment for PCs to face their foes.
  • Plenty of new monsters to challenge the PCs, along with new magic items to wield in battle.
  • Simple options to tailor encounters to increase or decrease the difficulty.
  • Storylines that link each battle to the ones that come after, so you can take the PCs from one full heal-up to the next using only the battles in the set – with room to expand on these stories to fill multiple sessions of gameplay.

The first book in the series is High Magic and Low CunningFrom a white-knuckle white-water raft past orcish hordes, to abseiling kobolds and a fearsome magical cloud fortresses, High Magic and Low Cunning takes your players on a journey to adventure at every level of play, and offers 45 sets of challenging and memorable battles lined keyed to five icons, spanning the three tiers of play (Adventurer, Champion and Epic). The book is packed with incredible maps by four cartographers, available as free downloads with and without monster markers.

The next two Battle Scenes books will be The Crown Commands: Battle Scenes for Four Icons (Dwarf King, Elf Queen, Emperor, Lich King) and Fire & Faith: Battle Scenes for Four Icons (Crusader, Diabolist, Great Gold Wyrm, Priestess).

You can also get the complete collection, featuring  40 adventures, with 135 encounters, with a player- and GM- facing map for each.

Battle Scenes are packed with ideas so that you can can incorporate them into your existing campaign, use them in a game when don’t have anything prepared; or when an icon relationship roll calls for a complication.

We build the battles – you and your players bring them to life.

Orc Lord Champion 1


Status: Out Now

5 Responses to “Battle Scenes – A World of Adventure!”

  1. Andy Gibson says:

    What is the status of this? The article is dated January 2015 – any update or progress to mull over? Is it still alive?

    I note that it seems to feature maps – but 13th Age doesn’t really use maps… I have, however, fiddled with using very big hexes (~8 inches across -TerraTiles from Artana) with same hex = “nearby” and adjacent being “far away” (touching base = “engaged”). Might the maps here be marked up with “nearby/far away” spaces/areas?

  2. Lowell Francis says:

    Is the pdf not available for download with the pre-order? I was a little disappointed because in the past when I’ve bought online you can get the pdf right away. That doesn’t seem to be the case with this one. Do you have an idea when that might be available to those who’ve pre-ordered?

  3. Jeromy French says:

    Just got my copy of the first module in this series, and I already can’t wait for the other two to come out. So neat and incredibly useful.

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