13th Age Limited Edition


You may recall that the first batch of 100 limited edition copies of 13th Age sold out around this time last year. You may also remember that we printed 200 limited editions in all. We’re giving some away for a secret reward and this month, we’re releasing 60 more.

The books are faux leather with gold foil. Each one includes a sticky-backed book plate signed by the four creators for you to add to the book.

We are not offering an upgrade version.

The book retails at $100 / £65 plus shipping.

You can order it here under Recent Releases.


8 Responses to “13th Age Limited Edition”

  1. Martin Ralya says:

    I don’t see it in the store. Did it sell out again in less than a day, or is it (hopefully!) just not showing up?

  2. Chris says:

    It says US only no love for us Brits

  3. Kaemaril says:

    US only? Boo!

  4. Brette says:

    Arrg! Missed it again..

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