A detailed and insightful review of Dead Rock Seven for Ashen Stars by kafka – 9/10.

Dead Rock Seven again demonstrates Pelgrane’s superior skills aptitude with design by creating a truly beautiful product. It brings over some the same similar layout, font and formatting used in the Ashen Stars core book- with but with a small number of modifications. Those slight adjustments are critical as they instantly position the GM to the sequence they need for running each scenario/adventure.

DieHard Gamer reviews Dead Rock Seven for Ashen Stars

If you’re going to run or are thinking about running Ashen Stars, go ahead and pick this up. These stories are smartly written and presented. They provide many ways for the GM to tune the experience. If you think that a mystery adventure has to follow a fairly straight line, these cases will disabuse you of that notion. Hanrahnan’s put together an excellent collection that shows off the many different kinds of missions which could be taken on in the Ashen Stars universe.