Michael Wolf reviews The Book of Unremitting Horror here on Stargazer’s World:

In my option The Book of Unremitting Horror is a must-have for any GM interested in running horror campaigns, regardless if he/she is using a GUMSHOE game or not.

Reviews from rpgnow.com

BOUH is our most critically acclaimed book, with it and its d20 cousin receiving a clean sweep of eight five star ratings on rpgnow.com.  Read the reviews of the d20 version (a subset of the GUMSHOE version) here and the GUMSHOE version here.

From the art and fiction to the abilities and motivations of the monsters, this is more a book of nightmares than of creatures. The sections on how to use this book present great advice, and the creatures here are disturbing and twisted enough to make even the players scared, to say nothing of their characters.

Excellent, atmospheric and very printer friendly. As a fan of gory, disturbing horror I can’t recommend this book highly enough. As a gamer, these monsters will show up in most of the sessions I run, and what higher review can I give this product than that?

LIKED : Great original monsters, in the vein of the best horror movies out there. Great art and an attractive, simple layout. Some of the best flavor text in gaming.… [read full review (5 out of 5 stars)]

This review on rpg.net gave five for style and four for substance, but the substance was marked down because of “the overstepping of too many boundaries is a bit problematic though and has to be taken into consideration thereby lessening the final score by a point.” You can’t ask for a better review in a horror product!

The black and white illustrations by Dave Allsop are brilliant and some make me want to stay away from the book when it gets dark.