A great review of The Armitage Files from Dreams in the Lich House. You can read the full review here.

This product takes the handout concept and turns the dial up to 11 with these spectacular props.

A review of The Armitage Files on rpg.net offering top marks (10/10)

For anyone who doubts an investigative sandbox campaign is possible, this book is the winning counterargument.

I know of no other books like this one. I hope this is not the case for long.

Paco Garcia Jaen at G*M*S Magazine has posted an excellent review of The Armitage Files.

This is a masterpiece. Not because the adventure is astonishingly good and attractive, but because the thinking behind the book, the perfect sandbox layout and the second to none writing is as good as it gets. This is Robin D. Laws at his best.

You can read the full review here.

John Stavropoulos declared Armitage Files his Best RPG Purchase of 2010. Read more here.

Why do I love it? Most modules don’t fit my style of GMing. I’m a very improvisational GM who likes to build scenarios around my players (rather than run railroady static scenarios where the players feel disconnected and “dropped in”). The Armitage Files works perfectly with how I run games.

Another offering from Lowell Francis at RPGGeek, his review of Armitage Files is simply entitled ‘wow’ and you can read the whole thing here.

The Armitage Files is a unique game book. Pelgrane’s once again demonstrated that they’re willing to go in new and novel directions. At the same time we once again get their high standards of production, layout and illustration. I know I’ve spent a lot of attention on the Gumshoe line, but they keep making interesting things… Quite honestly I wish I’d never read this sourcebook. Instead I wish I’d been able to come into a campaign using this without any foreknowledge. That would have been the coolest thing… This product blew my mind. I think every GM with an interest in alternate campaign approaches ought to read it.

This is a Spanish review from José Muñoz. Here is a Direct Link and here is a link to Google’s Translator.

The Armitage Files is, from my point of view, the best supplement that has brought so far the editorial for The Trail of Cthulhu. Represents a radical shift in the way of set scenarios and from the point of view of the editorial a contribution to help further differentiate whether this product fits the rest of this Lovecraftian material on the shelves across the globe.

A review of Armitage Files on Flames Rising.

Review of the improvisational Trail of Cthulhu supplement Armitage Files on Stargazer’s World.

“The Armitage Files” is definitely a book anyone interested in running Trail of Cthulhu should own, especially if you want to try something new. But it proves – without a shadow of doubt – that it’s possible to improvise an investigative games if you are open to follow the advice given in the book.

Great review of Armitage Files on 2d6 Feet in a Random Direction podcast, at 40m30s.