GUMSHOE One-2-One is a system for designing and playing investigative roleplaying games and adventures for one player and one Game Moderator (GM). Together, you create a story that evokes the classic solo protagonist mystery format.

In a GUMSHOE One-2-One game, the player character discovers something which triggers their investigation, and then the (GM) guides them through a number of scenes, during which they use their Investigative Abilities to gather the core clues they need to move the narrative forward. They must then put the clues together to uncover the secrets behind the mystery.

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GUMSHOE One-2-One Games

Any RPG which uses the GUMSHOE One-2-One system redefines it for that setting, and so there is no “GUMSHOE One-2-One book”. Each of the RPGs below contains the full GUMSHOE One-2-One rules for creating characters and playing in that world, as well as guidance on designing your own investigations for that particular setting.

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GUMSHOE One-2-One, Playtest Feedback, and Acceptable Enjoyment Parameters – Robin D. Laws on incorporating playtest feedback into One-2-One

What’s Changed in GUMSHOE One-2-One – Robin D. Laws on the differences between regular GUMSHOE and One-2-One


Download “The Red Mist”, an adventure for Cthulhu Confidential, featuring bookhound Phyllis Oakely

Download the Cthulhu Confidential blank character card (PDF)

Download the Cthulhu Confidential form-fillable blank character card (PDF)

Download generic Edge cards

Download an Edge card template

Download generic Problem cards

Download a Problem card template


Actual Play Recordings

Watch an Actual Play of “The Fathomless Sleep”, a Dex Raymond adventure for Cthulhu Confidential, with Robin D. Laws and Marty Jopson

Watch a rules introduction and Actual Play of “The Fathomless Sleep” with Brian Ballsun-Stanton and guest GM Magician

Listen to “The Game, The GM, and The Private Eye,” featuring Kurt and Joe from Adventures From The Shed

Listen to “The Fathomless Sleep,” hosted by YouTube user Dr. Muñoz